Kira Kwon

Kira Kwon
Lead Digital Content Producer
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Where is your hometown?

Metamora, IL - Janine Fairchild and I actually went to school together.

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

I ask God questions all the time about how to handle challenges or how to release things to Him that I am tempted to control. But I have been given a gift by the trials I have faced in my life that I don’t really have a desire to question God any longer as I once did on why he allows certain things or what he has in store. I have moments when my heart says, “Why?” but the truth is I know God’s ways are not my ways and His plans are abundantly beyond all can ask or imagine. That gives my heart rest.

Which television show are you addicted to watching?

At one time in my life, I watched a bit too much TV. Now, it plays a fairly small part in my life. But sometimes while I cook, I turn on Fixer Upper. I love the relationship between Chip and Joanna Gaines - so filled with kindness and caring.

Which is your favorite holiday, and why?

Thanksgiving. I love the time with family, cooking and visiting, without the distraction of gift giving that comes later on. And I love the start of the advent season that seems to begin with Thanksgiving - the anticipation of the greatest gift ever given or received.

Who’s in your family?

I'm a single mom with four kids (Liam, Halleigh, Hannh, and Peter), a cat, a dog, and a bird. My dad lives nearby and helps out a ton in our daily family life. My friends on staff at WCIC are also like family. I am so grateful for their love and daily encouragement.