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Watchmen on The Wall

October 24, 2014 ( 6:30 pm)

The Watchmen on the Wall seminar is a one-and-a-half-day training program designed to fit into your schedule. The seminar is a powerful opportunity to becom...

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    Stacey Wiggins

    This morning my husband and I tried to get in on the grocery gift card drawing during Shareathon. We missed it. My husband told me call and give anyway--it's not about free groceries, it's about being a blessing to the station that has been a blessing to us. My husband is buiding a videography business and is working at it full-time. We could only afford a $25.00 donation and asked for prayer for our business. Later, we got a call from a customer who hired us TODAY and is making a payment of $250. God multiplied our donation! Thank you for all you do, and please continue to pray for UpLift Productions. God Bless you, Donald and Stacey Wiggins