WCIC is Growing!


A Note from Station Manager Dave Brooks...

The ministry of WCIC has entered a season of amazing growth!

We've joined forces with our sister station, WIBI, to provide programming for the communities of Springfield and Jacksonville. The WCIC signal is now potentially reaching more than a quarter of a million more people!

WCIC still has its roots in Peoria, but there's lots of on-air excitement as we welcome new friends from Springfield and Jacksonville to the listening family.

We’re also excited about new, cutting-edge broadcast technology that's helping us promote local community events in these new service areas. It will take time to be sure all the technical aspects work, but we’re incredibly excited about what's taking place.

We look forward to meeting new friends and working together to make a positive, Christ-honoring difference throughout Northwestern and Central Illinois.

We appreciate your prayers and support as we navigate this season of growth!


Questions... and Answers

Why is this happening?

By doing this, we are able to reduce some redundancies throughout the network, which allows us to have even stronger content on the air, be MORE local throughout our listening areas, and continue to observe the best possible stewardship of our supporters' dollars.

Is WIBI going away? ...dissolving? ...closing?

The entire WIBI listening area will still receive positive and uplifting music, on-air friends, and a continued dedication to "Helping people connect with God" through either WCIC or WBGL, our sister station, depending on location.

What is happening to the WIBI staff?

Many of the on-air talent, support team, and personnel are transitioning into similar roles within WCIC and WBGL.