You Can Still Give a Year-End Gift

This is such a special season of getting to spend time with family... and I wish I could personally get with you and thank you for your part in the WCIC family. Thank you for listening, for volunteering, and for your support.

WCIC eblast2As we close out 2014, I'd like to offer a quick reminder... you can give a special year-end gift, by credit card, safely and securely simply by clicking on GIVE

It'll take less than 3 minutes, and all online gifts and checks post-marked before midnight December 31st can be included in your charitable giving when it comes tax time.  

If you have questions about your giving this year, please call the WCIC office on Monday the 29th through Wednesday the 31st at 877-692-WCIC. 

Thank you for investing... for working together to build faith, inspire hope, and strengthen families.


 Donate  a Year End Gift TODAY