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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a place where you can share a need and receive prayer from the WCIC Community. You can also pray for others. If you do, be sure you click the "Pray For" button so the person knows you prayed for them. You can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement through a comment.

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Diane's grandson ill and other prayer needs


Diane P. babysits her grandson every day. He's been vomiting all morning and has a fever. Please pray God will heal him and that she and her husband and other family members won't get sick. Diane is a Leader of our Bible Study Group each Tuesday. She hopes she can make it. Her grandson would normally go to the nursery but of course he can't do that if he's sick. 2) Please pray for Randy's finances and that he will quit smoking. 3) My husband has been having nausea / stomach woes for about 9 days now. Not sure what's going on. Nausea can be caused by a number of things. Years ago my husband had stomach ulcers. We are wondering if they've come back. As a precaution, he made a dr. appointment for Nov. 1. Hopefully he'll be well by then and he can cancel the appointment. 4) Please pray for my knees and legs. Have lots of pain especially in the RIGHT knee which is bone to bone, has severe arthritis, and a Baker's Cyst. 5) Jacques had a warning stroke or a mini stroke; pray for his veins to be clear and no blockage in the Name of Jesus. 6) Jacque's son Matthania has been having seizures. Matthania is in his 20s. Pray for his salvation too please. 7) Just want to give a shout of praise to God for his blessings. I love you, Dear Father!

Victory over demonic assignments


Pray that all witchcraft be exposed, all matters will be resolved and that the Hand of God will touch every battle front with God's victorious favor transforming all the proposed negative intentions to positive outcomes.



I am asking for prayer for God's outpouring for my finances, and my daughter's. She and her daughters (my granddaughter) are living with me. The financial strain is near overwhelming. We're trying but it only stretches so far! The biggest expense that needs to be addressed is my property taxes. Provision is definitely needed!

we need god to sell our house


Due to our expanding family my husband and I bought a larger home in March. Our other home has been on the market for sale for seven months while that may not seem a long time.....the property has cause a lot of rifts and tension in our marriage. Please pray for God to bless us with the sale of the house!!

Restore Marriage


Because of my sexual sins, I destroyed my marriage. Please pray for my wife to heal and to forgive me. I pray that I may be restored and be the husband that I have been called to be

My son and our family


Our oldest son was admitted to the psych ward at the local hospital yesterday and we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed about it. We found out that he has been repeating some very negative delusional thoughts to try and re-progam his mind. I found these thoughts written out on paper and was very distressed by their content. He is repeating that he is “Sconwroth” the god of destruction” etc. etc. You get the idea. It may be rooted in the Hindu beliefs according to his dad. Please pray against this, my son has grown up in the church and had told me just a few months ago that he will always believe in God. Please pray against the anger my son has in his heart towards a girl at school whom he refuses to quit harassing with notes in her locker. He gets extremely upset when we even bring up her name and refuses to quit harassing her(she has spread a lot of rumors around about him). Please pray for God to break through to his spirit with the truth of his word and that God would protect him from further destruction of the enemy. I personally have been taking authority over my son’s life like I have been learning to do from Mike Bickles teaching. I have been doing this for several months and some good things were happening. Please pray for him to be delivered from this spirit of destruction, delusion, deception, unforgiveness, and that God would uproot these false beliefs and reveal the Truth of Jesus Christ and his word to my son. Pray for peace for the whole family.



Please pray that Zach's heart is softened and that he is saved.



Pray my cousin is healed of cancer, kidney problems and any other infirmities she may have. She is discouraged and in the hospital and in her 50s.

A Church Home

Marvin Hazell

Hi there. I'm a 31 yr old husband and feeling like a terrible spiritual leader of my home. My wife asked me a question that struck my heart. "Hun, is it safe to say that you have no spiritual plan for our family?" I honestly had to answer that with a hesitant no. We live on an island in the Caribbean (Anguilla) and I've been a member of my childhood church as long as I can remember but have felt very disconnected from there for one reason or another and haven't been to church for a few months now. As you can imagine, there aren't many churches around on a small island so please pray for me that I become a strong spiritual leader for my wife and the kids I plan to have in the future and that we be led to a good church (even if it is the one I grew up in). Thank you.



Pray an unnamed person will have no suicidal thoughts and will also start attending church.



Pray my mother is healed of a baker's cyst as well as a condition of the sciatic nerve and my father is healed of skin cancer and for his dementia to at least not worsen.

At Desperate Stage.


I Need prayer. All Prayer Please, and very much Thank You. Please hear my heart be torn so slowly, and so painfully. If anyone out there is a Nurse you will know this pain. My license to practice was suspended on a complaint born out of whistleblowing. November 1, is my deadline to go before a Judge to show my innocence. Right now, the Professional board of Regulations is stalling so that I cannot get a date to grieve what has been done wrong to me. I am not perfect. But, I have Never done anything intentionally wrong, in fact I have walked away from good paying jobs due to my integrity. Please God, I have lost so much. No home, cant pay my loans, or other bills. No money for my children. Please restore this one thing and if it is restored THEY will see it was GOD not me. I already know you can do all things. I am on my knees. I need this hope, I need out of this pit. I pray Isaiah 4:10. Help me Abba.



I have just been diagnosed with a recurrence of a cancer from 17 years ago. I have a PET scan scheduled on October 21 to see if this has spread. I need prayer that the cancer is contained. I am not afraid of surgery or treatment, but I am terrified to leave my family.

The devil cannot have my daughter!

A heartbroken mother

My firstborn's mental illness is getting worse. Last night she talked to me worse than ever, saying curse words and other horrible things. She is not even 13 yet. I think she has a demon. She is very angry and defiant. Please pray for her, I want my babydoll back. She hasn't been herself for a few years now. Her name is Christine. I'm so worried about her and depressed about the decline of our relationship. Thank you.

Papa and Mama


Jacques, in his 80s, recently had a warning stroke/mini stroke. It's called Transient Ischemic Attack or TIA. He went to the hospital and they did lots of tests but didn't find anything. Statistics show 1/3 of people who have TIAs have a stroke within a year. Doctors can see stroke damage on cat or pet scans but can't see TIA’s since they are temporary and do not produce damage that can be seen on xrays. Please pray for our dear friend and father in the Lord, we call him Papa (no relation to us). We call his wife Mama. They mean a lot to us. What beautiful, godly people. In fact, Jacques is a retired pastor. He is in his 80s. Also pray for Mama. She has severe asthma and is Diabetic. Thank you for praying.