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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a place where you can share a need and receive prayer from the WCIC Community. You can also pray for others. If you do, be sure you click the "Pray For" button so the person knows you prayed for them. You can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement through a comment.

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1-Pray my mother's blood sugar level is normal and for her to be healed of type 2 diabetes. Also, pray she handles stress well and has no side effects from medication. 2-Pray my father is healed of prostate cancer and parkinsons disease. Also, pray he has good mobility, has energy and sleeps straight thru in the night. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.

Praise, and more prayer


Praise report for all who have faithfully prayed for the judge to rule in my favor in my recent court date to be able to move back home and take my babies over the state line. Thank you, God is great and he sends great prayer warriors. Please pray for my Son who is having knee surgery tomorrow, that God will give him a total healing! Thank you,



Please pray that my husband Nathen can reconnect with his two daughters who were turned against him by his ex during their divorce. Please pray for justice for him and his kids so it doesn’t happen to his boys. Allie White Pekin IL

how long must this go on?


I am asking for prayer for my marriage. My husband and I have been married 5 years and have talked and contemplated divorce for 4 years. I am a firm believer in Christ and he is not. I attend church with our children and he does not. I have seen alcohol, drugs, and many nights out on his part. The continuous lies and deceit have gotten the best of me. He read my emails to counselors asking for divorce advice and he didn't realize I was right on the line of walking out the door. He was hurt but what am i supposed to do? I feel like God is pulling me out of this and I feel like I deserve better. But he says "Would God abandon you at your worst?" That makes me feel like maybe i should stay. A Huge part of me wants to leave so bad and just be alone and safe. I am so scared for the future but my heart is completely in pieces and i feel so torn. I just need direction.

prayer request


Sue is a patient at St Francis Hospital, entering her second week of hospitalization. She went in to have surgery for lung cancer. She had 4 benign tumors and a couple that were found to be cancer with biopsies. Surgery was performed but complications set in and things are not going well. At least one hole was made in the lungs from the surgery which also took her lymph nodes. She hasn't been allowed to eat since then. The surgeon is going to attempt to repair the lung on Monday and if he can't, then Tuesday she will have a more radical surgery. I'm not a nurse and I only know she's very weak and she lost her only parent, her mother, and only brother within days of each other a short time ago. We have a mutual nurse friend who is checking in on her at the hospital. Please pray for God's healing hand to get her through this emotional and physical, for complete healing. I really do appreciate it, on her behalf.

Peace and healing


Thank you my friends for all your prayers, they are working , please keep them going! My husband is doing great after major surgery and is in the healing process. Now we ask for continued prayers as we wait for the results from what kind of tumor it was. God is great and He can do what no man can. Worry is of the enemy, but we are human and we need Gods strength to get us through this. Thank you so much. We really feel your prayers!



Pray my father's dementia does not worsen and would even improve. Also, pray his blood pressure is normal and he handles stress well.

Just gave birth and found she has brain cancer


This young woman recently gave birth. Her eye sight was giving her problems during her pregnancy, where, they discovered the brain cancer. The doctors could not do anything at the time because of the pregnancy. Her and the father of the baby live with his mother and his two children from a previous marriage. They help her with the baby and support her. This young woman has brought such a blessing and love to a small river town that the people return the love to her. My parents live in this small river town and I deliver to the library. This is my second home. The surgeons were not able to remove all the tumor because it was also in her brain stem. She is going through Chemo... I have prayed for her in Jesus name that HE shows her Mercy through HIS Grace and eradicates the rest of the cancer from her body:so that, her child can grow up with her and they can experience and grow in God, Jesus and know the Holy Spirit together as a family. I ask prayers, as well, to bring God's strength to her mother, the father of her child. His mother, the child, and everyone supporting her and caring for her.

Weekend prayer!

Daniel Cahill

Hi my brothers and sisters, I try my best to be led by the spirit of GOD and I sense he is leading me to ask for prayer this weekend as I am homeless at 70 and every time GOD does this I am so glad he did because something always happens where I am so very glad for the prayer it saved my life, what is left that is! GOD richly bless you brother Danny 1/27/17.