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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a place where you can share a need and receive prayer from the WCIC Community. You can also pray for others. If you do, be sure you click the "Pray For" button so the person knows you prayed for them. You can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement through a comment.

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Job, Buying Home, chaous...


I recently was interviewed to take a job with a school district. The position would allow me to return to work for the first time in nearly 2 years since gong on bed resr expecting my second son. The position could lead to a very nice career and retirement as well as all the other benefits including good hours and being close to our sons and working with my husband. I am waiting for the position to be approved at this time. We leave In vacation in four days....we recently found a house we like and have decided is the best we can do because of the marker being so small for the area. We're trying to figure out all of the housing issues, what to do offer wide how we will move, when, hiw we will fix up our current home to sell and how we can get settled before I would start my new job August 1. We have never had a family vacation before and although money is a bit tight we reallt don't feel we should cancel this trip. My son has behavior issues we've been trying to address, im finally making break thrus with him and finding he wants more attention and affection. Now that I'm figuring our what he really needs, I feel guilty over returning to work :( I know returning to work is positive for us financially, as well as for me emotion because I'm very stressed somedays just being alone with the kids which makes me feel guilty bur I fear leaving my baby with a stranger again :( and as if everything else isn't hard enough, my oldest is starting pre k this fall. Feeling very overwhelme

Husband needs prayer please

Amy Clinch

This is my first time submitting a prayer request in such a way. I know of this because my husband has done it so many times for me and my health as I have many struggles. This evening the had 2 lumps that have been causing him pain and he isn't one to ever complain of pain or not feeling well. We've been together for nearly a decade and he's been sick maybe three times with colds and a few headaches. We are preparing to move next week so he's been working his normal 50 hours at work and then coming home and working ten or so more with packing and doing the items that he agreed to complete on the contract. We he became a christian he lost nearly all of his friends. His family stuck by but they didn't understand either. Then when we moved here for work and just the busyness of our lives we haven't made many new friends. We are Always traveling back home or to doctors or hospitals for my health. He is my pillar of strength, he is my beam of light when I am lost in darkness and can't find My faith. He has held my children and I together with a smile on his face but exhaustion in his eyes. This move my friends have offered to help him but he said he didn't want to ask them to do the hard crap work because he didn't feel right about it so he did very hard heavy work alone and now he is in bad shape. Please pray for relief and total healing and for blessings upon blessings for him. Thank you all! God bless you!!

Baby Samuel's heart


Our son was diagnosed with a combination of rare and severe heart defects during a routine ultrasound. He arrived 3 weeks early on 6-3. He is currently stable on life saving medications. He will have an echocardiogram and heart cath tomorrow to determine his surgical plan, either open heart surgery or heart transplant. Please pray! Please pray for healing. Pray for the best possible outcomes. Pray for exceptional pain management. Pray for guidance for each member of his health care team. Pray for strength for our sweet baby boy and for is, his parents. Pray for a miracle. Samuel is named after the book of first Samuel, in particular 1 Samuel 1:27 and 1 Samuel 10:9. We have prayed so much for this child and we are trusting that God will give him a new heart.

Ava is missing


Randy's grand-daughter, Ava, approx. 8 yrs old, is missing. She's been gone 5 hours. Police are involved in the search. Please will you pray that she is found. Maybe she just went to a friend's house or something. This is so scary. Thanks for praying. This is all happening here in Portland, Oregon.



Please pray for a home we are currently interested in buying. It has been on the market for over a year and price has not come down much. Pray that that we can negotiate a price suitable to all.

Saved today!

Daniel Cahill

Hi my brothers and sisters at saved today Praise the LORD!Asking prayer for GODS help in every way the other day started out really rough and as always I started telling the LORD I wasn't happy and I wish he would come back and the LORD said that someone was going to get saved that day and it changed everything I said OH LORD forgive me yes of course my problems are nothing compared to happiness and joy that person will know and no wonder you must take your time thank you so much.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 6/5/16

My son


Please pray for my 18 year old son who is struggling with depression and cutting himself. Pray he will take his medicine and see his counselor. Thank you!



Pray my nephew and his wife grow spiritually. Also, pray they attend church every Sunday and their work schedules enable them to do so.



Pray my father's dementia does not worsen and would even improve. Also, pray his feet are free of gout.



PLEASE pray for me! I am in SEVERE pain from an umbilical hernia! PLEASE pray for the LORD to take away this TERRIBLE pain and completely heal this hernia. Thank you for your prayers!

Please pray for...


me and Tim

Let it be known to her ex that Sarah is more precious than rubies


Thank You Father FOR ALL THAT YOU'VE DONE! Please, Jesus, make my daughter, Sarah, whole again, quickly & miraculously, as she just was abandoned after a 2 year relationship with an abusive man. Please Lord heal, strengthen and protect her, now! Lord let her feel Your forgiveness, remind her of how much she is worth to You! Let Sarah pay NO MIND to what her ex is doing, nor with whom, Lord Armor Sarah, & our family & I, too, until he repents & is saved, In Jesus Name, Amen.

prayers for job interview


Please pray for my son as he has been looking for a job for a year since graduating college. Today he has an interview and we're praying it's a successful interview. Thank you!

falling away


Please pray for Shannon she doesn't believe God is answering her prayers and she is giving up on God. The church she attends not helping her with counseling and she feels no love there. Please pray for that church also. Thank you. Also continue to pray for Kay and our relationship.

Misc. prayer needs


1. Michelle and Chris need prayer re: their living situation and finances. Living in an RV now with 2 kids under age 8. Also pray for Michelle to have a sound mind and no suicidal thoughts. 2. I want to give a shout of praise that Randy started his new job this week. That he got to go on a fabulous vacation with his 2 sons this month. Please pray for Randy to stop drinking and smoking. Something he struggles with. 3. Pray for Michael to stop smoking and for his finances. He hopes to get low income housing soon. He has custody of his 7 yr. old son. If he were a woman he'd be in low income housing right now but since he's a man it is reverse discrimination. 4. My husband's health is in rapid decline. He's 72. Usually he is super active and more like a 30 yr. old. Lately he can barely walk. Has severe pain in hip/back/knees. Takes pain pills and muscle relaxants. Sleeps a lot. A wheelchair has been ordered. Problem is, I have been disabled for years and he takes care of me. He helps around the house, helps me bathe, dress, etc. So we are in a pickle. 5. Just want to praise God for all He does for us. We are blessed. We love you Lord!