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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a place where you can share a need and receive prayer from the WCIC Community. You can also pray for others. If you do, be sure you click the "Pray For" button so the person knows you prayed for them. You can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement through a comment.

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Mates for my sons


Please pray for my sons who live in Milwaukee,WI. They are hard working and I love and miss them so much. I have been praying to God that he might open their hearts and minds to Him and bring forth the mate that he created for them. I pray the he takes away their loneliness and sorrows. In Jesus name I pray. I moved to Springfield, IL to care for my sick, aged parents and am unable to be there to guide them through this difficult life. I am new to God but he has always been with us. When I prayed to him about moving here, He moved within me with "you are waiting on me as I am waiting on you." I wish that I could get out to a good church but the ill health of my parents does not allow it, I also pray that my sons will find a good church and perhaps they might find their life mates there. I know that God is with my parents as they are believers and have every faith in the Lord. Thank you with all my heart for your time and consideration.

Prayers for negetive influence


Please pray that my son-in-law's father from out of state wont come and live with my son-in-law and my daughter. The man is an alcoholic, a drug addict, and has a criminal record. He has never said he would change his behaviors. My son-in-law is so needy for his dads attention that he seems willing, no matter what, to let his dad come and live with him. My son-in-law is a recovered alcoholic and I am so afraid that if his dad comes to live with them, that he will drag him down into alcoholism again. My son-in-law and daughter have two kids and I would be so afraid what kind of influence this man would have on the kids also. The man is currently in jail and my son-in-law plans on bailing him out and bringing him to Illinois. Please pray this man will stay in his own state.



Hi. These days I have been discouraged and overwhelmed. In December, I filed for an Order of Protection from my husband. When the Plenary Order (2yr) was granted in January, he stopped paying all bills and no longer gave any money to the home. I have been home full-time for 11 years and had some savings. I managed to hold the family together until my oldest graduated from high school at the end of May. The very next week, he moved in with a friend and my youngest son and I had to move to a Domestic Violence Shelter. I still have no income and no home. I have been searching and have not been able to put the family back together. My boys are amazing and know I am trying but this seems too big anymore. I only get to see my oldest once a week when I pick him up for church. He leaves in just a few weeks for college. They have not helped financially even though we are homeless. I spend all my time making phone calls and online looking for a job and a home so I feel like my youngest is being neglected. I am with him constantly but yet I am not. Most schools register this week and start in about 2 1/2 weeks. He has been homeschooled for 6 years so going back into a public school for 8th grade is difficult. Please, I need a breakthrough! Thank you.

Ebola in Africa


On Saturday, Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, confirmed that it was the latest country to confirm a death by Ebola. He was Liberian, and he died after landing in Lagos airport on Tuesday. Then a Sierra Leone woman--the first woman to have contracted the disease in the national capital of Freetown--escaped medical care after she was diagnosed and died. Next, one of Liberia’s most high-profile doctors, who had spearheaded national efforts against the disease, died 3 weeks after fighting the virus. This weekend 2 Americans have become infected with Ebola. One is a 33 yr. old doctor from the U.S. This outbreak that has killed more than 670 across several West African nations and frustrated and confounded both aid workers and national agencies. This is very serious and we must join together in prayer!



Pray an unnamed person will have no suicidal thoughts and will also start attending church.



Because of my sexual sin, I destroyed my marriage. Please pray for my wife to heal and to forgive me. I pray that I may be restored and be the husband that I have been called to be.



Pray my cousin will be saved.



1-Pray my mother is healed of diabetes. 2-Pray my father is healed of parkinson's disease and has good mobility. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.



Please pray for me and my son as we move that God will provide the needs that we have. This is hard for both of us, but is necessary for us to be able to make it. Thank you.

Relationship healing


Please pray for healing and reconciliation in a relationship with my ex Leslie

Feeling Overwhelmed

Growing family

We’ve been trying very hard not to worry, have faith and trust God. Working for months on our old house to get it ready to put on the market, spending time away from our toddler to tackle the endless tasks that remain after moving. Foundation issues set us back a huge amount in our budget. It should now pass inspection but adjustments for wall brackets in the basement walls have to be made over time to further improve the integrity, which may likely scare off many potential buyers. Juggling 2 house payments + daycare (almost as much as college). Car recently passed 100K miles and needs maintenance for several items as well. Not to mention work stress and stress pertaining to other family members. God’s already blessed us in so many ways and answered so many prayers in the past. The only reason we’ve even made it this far is through Him carrying us. Praying that we can overcome all these things, meet our respnsibilities and that He gives us the guidance, wisdom, strength, patience, endurance, rest, energy, motivation, finances and other support that are needed to manage it all. Praying for perfect timing, synchronicity and that somehow everything will come together and work out. Your prayers for our family would be so appreciated. Thank you and God Bless you for your prayers.

Please join me in prayer.

Cally Brown

I'm feeling a little tired and need help with praying for my thrift store. I KNOW Gods got my back, but I also know we are responsible to pray for what we need. Please pray for customers and quality items to sell. Please pray that we make our bills on time this month. Thanks so much and hugs to all who take a minute to pray.

Pray for Emilee S

Stephen Harvey

My fiancee and I recently split on bad terms due to my behavior in our relationship, that I did not keep Christ centered. I hurt her very deeply, and was completely ignorant to the extent I was causing. We tried to have children together, became one flesh before the Lord and tried having a family and a future. I broke it off because I was investing in other women...I was such a shameful pig of a man. Christ revealed everything to me on July 5th during my prayers, and I was riddled with horror, guilt and shame, I begged Him to take me that night. When I asked Emilee back she declined and has chosen to never speak to me again. Please pray for her emotional healing and Gods miraculous love to fill her hardened and hurt heart. Pray that He reveals His will to her as He did to me, and that He would not give us to unfaithfulness with others. Pray that she would be filled with His peace and His unsearchable love and above all, that He would watch after her and draw so close to her that she cannot do anything except praise Him

Sexual Integrity

Ian Rayner

Pray for me to rid myself of my sexual struggles so I can be clean. I want to have a happy life with my wife and I'm tired of falling in this sin. I don't want to be using people anymore as objects. I really want to have a clean mind and covenanted eyes. Please pray for me.

Misc. Prayer Needs


1) Priscilla has a birthday today. Priscilla is a sweet soul--kind, thoughtful, and generous. She has physical ailments that make it hard for her to walk. She broke her hip awhile back and I don't think it healed properly. She also has problems with her feet. Priscilla has been so good to my husband and I. We ask that you pray for her to be blessed beyond measure on this her 76th birthday. 2) Sandi is having bad financial problems. She's not only a prayer warrior and godly woman, she's our friend--very sweet, kind and giving. Pray for her to be blessed and that her husband and teen daughter will find and follow Jesus. 3) My youngest son Jim and his family are on a weekend in the mountains, camping out and using an inflatable boat with a small motor on the lake (high mountain lake, very cold lake). I told my son to be sure to use life jackets. He and his wife have kids age 11, 5 1/2 and 6 1/2. Please put in extra prayers for their safety. The reason I get real nervous about this is, many years ago my 6 year old daughter drowned in a (similar) mountain lake. She was not in a boat, but swimming in a roped in swimming area with at least 50 people in the swim place. I was right there on the shore, watching the youngest, 2 at the time. She drowned in an instant. It was awful. And even after all these years it is hard to think about. She was my only daughter. Please pray for Guardian Angels to watch over my son and his family. Thanks.