Prayer Center


-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a place where you can share a need and receive prayer from the WCIC Community. You can also pray for others. If you do, be sure you click the "Pray For" button so the person knows you prayed for them. You can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement through a comment.

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1-Pray my mother is healed of type 2 diabetes and has no side effects from medication. 2-Pray my father is healed of parkinsons disease and has good mobility. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.

A person I care for in a big big way needs salvation


A women named Samar is caught up in stuff that leads in the exact opposite way of coming to Jesus. Please pray that Holy Spirit would come to her and she would have an encounter that would change her entire life. One that leads her into salvation please! Please pray hard! Someone please fast for her as I am not in understanding how to do that in love. Please it's super important! Please pray that nothing would stand in the way of her salvation! I can't do this alone I need people to help me please. Please! If you remember to do one thing today please just remember to pray for Samar's salvation.

Saved and homeless!

Daniel Cahill

Hi my brothers and sisters at WCIC please forgive me for crying on your shoulder and asking for prayer so much its just I am finding out being homeless at 68 in NYC is hard enough but when you are saved it is so much harder there are so many short cuts I could make and no one would blame me a bit but the LORD says no you cant do that I am not saying the LORD is wrong or that I am ungratefull that he corrects me like that I guess what I am saying it is just harder than I ever thought it would be not to mention the fact that at 68 I just dont have the get up and go I once had.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 8/17/15

Listening for God's voice


Please lift me in prayer as I ask for guidance on whether God wants me to help someone. Pray that if He does that the door opens, but that if not He shuts the door completely. I'm asking for a clear sign from God as to what to do. Bless you for your prayers!

Someone needs prayer


The Holy Spirit has put on my heart to lift in prayer my ex son in law. He cheated on and left my daughter two years ago. I've tried not praying for him, but the Holy Spirit keeps putting it on my heart to pray and to ask you to pray for him. He never worked thru why he did what he did, but jumped into a relationship with a woman who doesn't know his past. She has a teenage daughter and they all live together. I know him, he'll go back to the behavior that comforts him. Pray for all involved and that God touches his heart. I just can't quit praying for him.

Son, Grandson, Granddaughter

Eileen Williams

Son- I pray that my son will open his heart back open to Jesus, start going back to church that he would stop his marjuaina habit, and that he would have a forgiving heart for himself as well as me and his father and for others. Grandson just graduated form grammar school, he is in love with god ad he wants and needs to go to church, but his father doesn't go at all. My Demetri is a good young an he is not street savvy at all and he lives in the heart of Chicago. I pray blessings and peace over his entire life. He loves to play Basketball so I pray that God would encamp Angels all around him each and everyday. I also pray that his dad would allow him to come and visit and that my son would visit as well. I have been living here for 9 almost 10 years and he has not visited once.. Karma is 1 yrs. old and she has Down Syndrome, her other is overwhelmed with her and two other girls, 8 and 2. She is a young mother she loves God but she seems to be hindered from pusruing her journey with God. please wrap your loving Arms around all of them and direct their paths straight to you Oh God how I pray for them.Cancel any plans the enemy may have for us in JESUS Name AMEN.