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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a place where you can share a need and receive prayer from the WCIC Community. You can also pray for others. If you do, be sure you click the "Pray For" button so the person knows you prayed for them. You can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement through a comment.

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Pray my father's dementia does not worsen and would even improve.

Family issues


My older brother recently got a divorce from wife. Prior to the marriage she had 2 children, and they had one little boy together. After the divorce my brother had to move back in with my parents and he also brought his 4 year old son to live with us. He was a stay at home dad and has been with his son since he was born. His son is more like my little brother, and is such a daddys boy. My brothers ex wife has not been herself and is having her 2 other children stay with friends while she got a new boyfriend, which is totally out of character. She also seems to be into partying now. My brother has been looking for a life change and has been looking to move him and his son out of state. When he asked his ex if it would be okay she said she would think about it, which we took as a good sign. A few days later she came to pick him up for dinner, called a little bit later and said that my brother would never see him again. Unfortunately the police say since custody is not in writing as long as the child is safe there is nothing they can do. My brother is a mess without his son-his best friend, and we are praying they can work it out. Thanks for listening to my story and thanks in advance for the prayers!

My husband had a stroke


The week before Thanksgiving in a normal conversation both my husband and I noticed that his tongue was not working properly and he was slurring his speech. Knowing that's one of the signs of stroke, we went to the ER and they admitted him for less than 24 hours for observation. They released him with instructions to follow up with INI but over that weekend, the symptoms started to get worse - the slurring and he was losing his ability to swallow. At this point in time, the speech and ability to swallow are still deteriorating. He does have a swallow study scheduled for 12/18 and a speech evaluation for 12/22, but it seems that things are going too slowly if the deterioration is continuing as it is. It's very difficult watching him choke on food or drink and being unable to understand what he's saying unless I'm looking right at him or unless he writes down what he wants me to know. I know we are blessed in that no other part of his body was effected but we are in need of answers that we don't seem to be getting. We covet your prayers for a feeling of peace while we await the medical field to do all the things that need to be accomplished to allow recovery. Thank you

Job And Provision Needed


I have been laid off since July 2013. Shortly, after being laid off, I really sensed that God had me more on a sabbatical than being unemployed. He has revealed so much to me during this time. My unemployment that I received was only half of what I used to make. It ran out in January 2014. Since then, I have gone through all of my checking and savings. I had some stock shares that I have been selling and just recently sold the last of them. Even though I never ask for any money, I have had some people from my church give me money. At this point, my own money ran out some time ago and what I still have is from what others have given me. As of right now, even that money will be gone on December 22 when I have two bills due. It's not that I don't want to work. I really do, but I have never felt like that's what God wanted quite yet. I desire to work for a ministry and I am even willing to relocate. I am asking for prayer for revelation of what field God wants me to go in since my experience and interests could lead me a few different directions and also to know what location He wants me in. I KNOW that God will provide as He has during the last 17 months. I just don't know if that means that He will give me a job or keep supernaturally providing for me. He is going to have to step in very soon. Please pray that I do hear from Him clearly so that I can obey Him in what He wants for me. I want to please our Father in all that I do! Thank you very much!!

Dear Lord Jesus Christ


Thank you Lord , for using me as your servant in my community. Lord Jesus, my legs are giving out on me. My knees are buckling. Lord Jesus please strengthen my legs. I pray this in your wonderful powerful name,Jesus Christ. I love you Lord Jesus. Julie W.

My son Nick and I


My son Nick is 36 years old in 2007 he was diagnosed with a rare condition Spino Cerebellar Ataxia which is taking my sons life. This past year he has deteriorated so badly that I have had to put him in a nursing home. My heart is broken. He has 2 sons 10 and 13. I lie awake at night trying so hard to figure why he has to go through this. He went from a 6 foot 3 inch strong person to skinny broken man. He was a hunter and a fisherman and loves his boys, and is in a wheelchair in nursing home with no one his age and very few visitors. And because of his tremors and agitation he is on medication that leaves him starring off. Im fighting medicare because they quit paying the bill 5 days(this was early November) after being admitted to the nursing home after a 3 day stay in the hospital. So he is racking up huge bill and then on top of it after being denied a electric wheel chair they agreed to pay but now since he is in a nursing home have rejected to do so.My faith is clearly being tested my husband and I are the only ones there for him and on top of all of this I am my moms caregiver along with my sister for dementia.I m hoping for a miracle for Nick for complete healing in his body for his 2 boys who are both struggling because of this, for me and for strength and knowledge to take on the challenges that lie ahead with Medicare and Medicaid and to be able to take of the rest of my family. God Bless, Amy



Pray my cousin will be saved.



1-Pray my mother is healed of type 2 diabetes. 2-Pray my father is healed of parkinson's disease and has good mobility. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.

Our new little puppy, Angel.

Eric and Dawn Keymon

She accidently ate an Aleve last Wednesday, December 3rd, which is very toxic to dogs and cats, which we learned about last Thursday. It had damaged her little kidneys. There are 2 specific things that the Vets watch in these cases when they do blood tests. Well Angel's levels in these 2 areas are extremely high. She's in the red on these. She's been on IV treatment since last Thursday and in Vet care since. She's very special to my wife and I. We believe God will intervene. So we ask for more prayers please. We need our Lil Angel better and to come home. Thanks.

3 yr. old grandson seeing specialist in Boston


I have mentioned Ezra before and have comfort in your prayers. He was born w/sturge webber and has been to the Children's Hosp. in Peoria multiple times. He has abnormal blood vessels on the brain which cause seizures and weakness/delays in speech & mobility. My daughter and son-in-law fly out tomorrow for a 10 am appt. w/specialist on Friday. My daughter is 8 mos. pregnant. please pray for every detail..that Ezra will not be frightened or have seizures (they have emerg. meds) on the flight. Jessi will not be too uncomfortable...and peace and wisdom for everyone. Healing to begin in our Ezra.. thank you.



I have a very good friend in a really bad situation right now. He is unemployed and on the edge of losing his house. He lashed out at me this morning and said goodbye. I don't know what capacity he meant that in, but I am very very concerned for him. Please pray for his soul and for provision for him and that God will give him peace.

Please pray for my daughter's admission into the University of Michigan


Being a musical theatre major at the University of Michigan has been my daughter's dream since her sophomore year in high school. She has been at ICC jr college now for 2 years and has just completed her application to the U of M. Now we wait to see if she is granted an audition with U of M. Please pray that my daughter will receive an invitation to audition at U of M. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayers for family member


My husband's aunt passed away last week, not 72 hours later her brothers grandson died. The family is now dealing with two untimely deaths. Pray for healing and peace.Thank you.

Giving Thanks


Thanking all who prayed for my requests concerning issues that may have lead to termination of my job. God is so good. The issues were resolved yesterday. Blessings to all.

college son


Will you please pray for our hard working son in college who has been placed in a group of kids that don't care about completing their group project well? He really needs to get a good grade in this class and on this project but can't get the group to get motivated nor teacher support to make it happen. His frustration level is high and spirit is crushed.