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-PSALM 66:19
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Ex son in law


New Request for My ex son in law cheated on and left my daughter after 2 years of marriage. Until he married her he'd never been shown what a healthy marriage looks like. (no one in our family has ever been divorced). His mother was married 3 times with multiple infidelities, his dad married twice, his grandmother 4 times. So you get the picture. These are the examples of relationships he saw growing up. He's no longer with the married woman he left my daughter for. About 6 months ago he met someone else and after 4 months they moved in together. (He told me because he doesn't like living alone) He's 28 years old and contemplating another marriage. His new g/f doesn't know the whole reason for his divorce (infidelity). He hasn't done anything to get help or change his behavior. He's told my daughter he misses his old life and his family (us). I'm asking for prayer for God to make his heart pliable so the Holy Spirit can convict him to turn his life to Jesus. While he was married he and my daughter went to church but he said he wasn't sure about the whole thing. Pray that God puts someone in the new g/f's path that knows the truth

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