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-PSALM 66:19
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Sharon M. Thoma

Please pray for my wonderful husband. My husband has worked in a factory on concrete floors since he was 20 years old. Slowly his body is showing the results of that kind of work. Now at the age of 65, still working in a factory he is looking forward to the day he can retire. For months he has been going to doctors. He has been to a doctor every day this week dealing with various areas of his body. He is in a lot of pain with his back, hip and knee. Several years he had his knee scoped and now it is time for a replacement. Hip problems the doctors believe have something to do with his back and his bulging discs. The doctors had suggested back surgery a year ago, but with the economy and not being able to bring in a full paycheck he has put it off. Now he is going to have the surgery as he can't take the pain any longer. He wants to feel good. Please pray for my husband that the Lord will guide his doctors in doing the correct proceedures on him and that his pain and problems will go away..with the power of prayer and the Lord's help.

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