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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. Prayer Needs


1) Annette needs prayer for finances. Has part-time job but needs full time. Also, she longs to meet a godly man to marry. Annette, 43, is a Christian woman that is attractive, thin, smart, fun, and has a beautiful smile. It would seem that she'd have no problem meeting someone. Right? But time keeps ticking by and she has not met anyone. She feels lonely. She has high standards. The guy has to be godly and the one God has just for her. Annette sends texts to a guy named Shawn and is interested in him but so far he only texts her back; no phone calls. Please pray. 2) Randy needs prayer to stop smoking and drinking. 3) We need prayer for our finances, health and our marriage. 8th wedding anniv. coming in May. 4) A friend in my Tues. Bible Study Group, Sue D., has a son that just returned from Afghanistan. She requested prayer for him. He has PTSD. While she is thankful that he came back alive, this is a very bad condition. He is on medication but not doing good. He is married and won't speak to his wife. And has not contacted his parents since returning to the USA however he let other friends and family know, so that is hurtful. Please pray for him to have a sound mind and to be healed. I ask for this same thing for our son Josh; he toured in Iraq, Afghanistan and S. Korea then stateside. Has the same issues. Josh, now out of the Army, has a job. He has a poor relationship with his wife though and on the verge of Divorce. Please pray!

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