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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. Prayer Needs


1. Pam's dog Kayla has been very sick. Not sure what it is but blood tests show a problem. Possibly Cancer. If Kayla doesn't get better, Pam says the Vet will put her to sleep. Which makes Pam very sad. Kayla is a Family Member! Also, Pam just moved (same town, new apt.) and is super tired. So pray for her as well. 2. My sons came to visit us last 2 days; went very well. The oldest son lives in Idaho. Another son lives in Hawaii. A third son lives here locally; in fact, he and his wife have a very large home so he put everyone up at their home and get togethers were held there--since our house is small. A death in the family (a cousin) brought the boys here. Had not seen them in years. It was nice to see Dan's sons. Zeke is 7 and Matt is 12. Last saw Zeke when 1 yr. old! The son from Hawaii came with his wife. They have 3 daughters, college age, but they did not come. I am thankful I got to see my boys! It's an answer to prayer. Too many years went by. But we had a great time these last 2 days. Everyone leaves in the a.m. However, in Sept. my oldest son's boy is getting married so we'll be going to Boise, Idaho and see everyone again! It is a 10 hour drive by car but doable. Will require an overnight stay in a motel. Son's house is small. 3. Please pray for my husband's health. Has hip and back woes plus dizziness and nausea. My health is not great. Severe arthritic pain, Peripheral Neuropathy, Sleep Apnea. Please pray for our finances as well. Thx. God Bless.

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