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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. Prayer Needs


1 - Randy needs a full time job w/benefits. He rents a room from us and works awhile then they say we have no work. It's hard to pay rent without money. He paid part of the rent but owes $100. When his Unemployment check comes he'll pay the rest. Also, Randy wants to quit smoking. He's really struggling with this. Quits, starts again, quits, starts again. Please pray. 2 - Pray for our health, finances and marriage. 4 - Fidel (he also rents a room from us) is new on his job. He's a Customer Service Rep and it is very stressful. Fidel deals with rude customers day in and day out. He gets a bit discouraged. Fidel is from the Philipines so he has an accent. The other day a lady did not want to talk with him. She said "I want to talk with someone else." His Mentor got on the line but allowed Fidel to listen in. [The woman did not know Fidel was listening in.] She said derogatory things about Fidel like "What planet is HE from?" That was so hurtful. We all need to think about this, when we make calls on the phone! Be kind and patient. State what you need. Keep it brief. Be pleasant. If you do this, the person will do more to resolve any issues you have. And don't forget to ask them how their day is going and wish them a blessed day or say God Bless--bring a ray of sunshine into their lives.

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