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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1. Randy needs full time job with benefits. He's in his 50s and divorced. Longs to meet a Christian woman to marry. 2. Hyrum has back problems and needs prayer for finances. 3. Sister and her husband have a business drilling wells. One of the trucks, a '99 Dodge, is in the shop and it's taking a long time. Mechanics can't find the problem. Pray angels will help them -- the truck is badly needed for work. 4. My friend and her husband are going out of town for the weekend. Her husband Kevin drinks all the time. I worry he'll drink and drive. Pray for traveling mercies. My pal is a believer/her husband is not. Pray for his salvation. 5. I started Weight Watchers Plan and have lost 6 lbs. the first week. I like the plan. Please pray for my dieting and my health overall. 6. Blessings Report: My husband and I are retired. He works part-time (handyman jobs) to pay bills. Mon. - Thurs. he made $145/day plus gas allowance. We are blessed! Tomorrow he'll be helping another person, ripping a roof off an outside shed & rebuilding it. He should make $100 or more. Today we received $75 in the mail that we weren't expecting. Praise the Lord. 7. Kathy needs prayer for her husband and father-in-law . . . for their health. 8. Our dog Samson has a skin sore / abcess on his back. It started small as a pea and got huge. Vet did tests on the lump and he is now on meds. Vet also said he has an eye infection and ear infection. Vet bill was $304. My husband working helped us pay the bill!

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