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-PSALM 66:19
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1. Went to a Pain Center today to see if they can help me with Peripheral Neuropathy (my toes/feet/legs are completely numb 24 hours a day). I also have severe arthritis in the knees and can barely walk. I have a wheelchair. Can stand only briefly; can walk just a few steps and must sit. The consultation with the doctor went well! I start treatments next week. I only have to pay a small copay when I go. Insurance will cover the rest. This is an answer to prayer. But it's far. A 1 hr. drive in heavy city traffic to the Center. Please pray that I'll be healed. I long to walk again, and not have to use my wheelchair. I can stand only briefly, walk just a short distance, then have to sit or use my wheelchair. I am only 64. The Neuropathy was caused from taking statin drugs that help reduce cholesterol. I regret now taking those. Even though I stopped using them, the damage was done and it's severe. 2. Pray for Andy to get a job. 3. Pray for Randy to quit drinking and to have a closer walk with the Lord. 4. Pray for Michelle and Chris, for their marriage and finances. 5. Pray for Michelle to have a sound mind and to grow in her walk with Jesus. She is new in Christ.

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