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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1. Sal and wife Susan's children need prayer for salvation. Sal and Susan are righteous, holy and honor God, active in church. What lovely people. They asked for prayer for their children, esp. the son who smokes pot and parties. Also, Sal asked for prayer for his brother-in-law's health, salvation. He in in Assisted Living. Didn't take care of himself, lived a rough life, now he's paying for it. 2. Bryan and his wife are going through a rough spot in their marriage. (Married 3 years; both married previous). Pray God will help them be patient, loving w/each other. Pray they will put God first in their life, draw closer to the Lord. My husband is a pastor and though they attend a different church, he said he'd be happy to counsel with them (the pastor of their church is too busy). Pray this will happen for they are both ready. Bryan's wife has trouble with jealousy, anger. She yells at her husband when the frustrations build up. Bryan is a work-a-holic and when he gets home he wants to chill but instead they get in fights. Both desire a Godly home and a peaceful good home environment. They just need to work on it. Pray for their children who are rebellious and don't mind. Bryan and his wife were married before; they have Step Children. We don't know them well. My husband used to volunteer at a Food Bank and met them there (this was before they married). We ran into Bryan's wife at Gym recently and that's when she mentioned marital problems. My husband spoke to both on phone.

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