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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1. My friend Priscilla (a widow in her 70s) got bad news from her dentist. X rays show something above her cap. Could be an old filling or decay. If it is decay, he can save it. She's going in next Weds. Pray for her--she doesn't want to lose another tooth. 2. My husband Ron has an appointment in June to have surgery on his jawbone and gums. He has dentures but can't wear the bottom dentures because the bone sticks up through his gums and it's painful. The dentist will trim the jaw bone and I am pretty sure stitch up the gums. It will cost almost $500. Ron is scared of needles. Just pray all will go well and that this procedure will solve the problem. 3. Andy moved to the West Coast from New Jersey recently. He rents a room from us now. He is looking for work. He's done Vet Tech work; worked in a school for the handicapped, and at a pizza place. Pray that he'll find just the right position.

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