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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1) Deana's son (14 yrs old) is sick with flu. Deana has to be at work all day so her Ex--Isaiah's dad--agreed to come by the apt. with soup. Please pray for Isaiah. Also, Isaiah's dad doesn't pay child support. Deana and her son could use the financial support however he suffers from PTSD and is not working. Pray for him to have a sound mind and find a job soon so he can support his son. 2) My husband has a bad rash on his arm; similar to Psoriasis. It itches so bad it keeps him awake at night. He's tried creams and lotions. Saw his doctor about it but the day he went it didn't look that bad so the doctor said Calamine lotion and Eucerin Cream Lotion. Pray for healing. My husband also has frequent headaches and arthritic pain. Pray about that too. 3) I need prayer for my diet. I've lost over 30 lbs. on W. Watchers. I am so thankful. Just need to keep going. Goal is to get a Total Knee. 4) My first cousin's wife, Vonnie, fell and shattered her ankle. She's in her 60s and over 300 lbs. which makes it rough. Her husband is big too and has frail health (Diabetic). He has to get her up and down out of bed. Pray for them please. 5) Pray for our finances and marriage. 6) Pray for Randy. He rents a room from us. Thank goodness he got a job. Had been out of work and on Food Stamps. Now he needs to catch up on his rent. Due on the 1st, he paid less than half. Randy says he'll pay the rest Jan. 17 Jan. We need it. Also, Randy wants to quit smoking. Struggles with it. Thanks for praying.

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