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-PSALM 66:19
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1 - Bryn has a bad infection in her feet and legs.She had to go to Immediate Care today. Pray for her quick healing. 2 - The dr. gave me new medicine. Pray I'll do well with it and not have side effects. I really need it for Neuropathy. Other than slight dizziness, I've been fine. I was warned about (possible) dizziness. 3 - My cousin Harold and his wife Vonnie live in Oroville, Calif. and there have been many fires lately. In fact, just the other day they had to be evacuated; thankfully, the fire was put out and they returned home. Their property is unscathed. But pray about these fires. Authorities think there is an arsonist! How disturbing that someone would do that. Pray the person or persons will be found soon. 4 - I just want to give a praise report for the many blessings God has given us. We have a Blessings Calendar on the side of our refrigerator. When we have a blessing, we write on bright yellow stickies and put them on the calendar (calendar has large squares). Our calendar is filled with bright yellow tags! It's neat to look back and see all the Blessings! Just yesterday we sold a printer we did not need for $75. The money helps us a lot, as we live on Soc. Security. The person who came to buy it was a Christian and my husband chatted with him for probably 40 minutes. The guy kept shaking my husband's hand and said he felt blessed to meet my husband. (The feeling was mutual). What an awesome God we serve. It is a privilege and an honor to serve the Lord.

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