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-PSALM 66:19
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1) Randy needs a full time job with benefits. 2) Randy wants to quit smoking. But he's having a very hard time. He rents a room from us and we have a strict no smoking rule -- which he broke. He apologized and now must absolutely stop smoking or move out. I am very allergic plus it makes my Asthma flare up. This is literally a life-threatening situation. But he made a casual remark that cigs are "harmless". Because he was switching over to Ecigs he thought they were better because not so smelly. However, they too bother me a lot. Please continue to pray. We like Randy and want him to stay if he will quit smoking. 2) My husband and I need prayer for our finances, marriage and health. 3) Pam's mother passed away. Pray that God will wrap his arms around her during this difficult time. 4) My cousin Harold needs prayer for his marriage and his health.

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