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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1. Our friend Kirk asked for prayer for his daughter's husband's family. [Her father-in-law passed away this week]. Please pray for the family to be comforted. 2. We rent 2 rooms out in our home. This supplements our social security. Fidel just gave notice tonight that he is moving on Mar. 1st. He and his 22 yr. old son are going to rent an apt. together. Please pray we'll find the right person to rent the room. Hopefully someone that will stay for awhile. But it's up to God. 3. Fidel got hired on at a company and we just want to praise God. He had a job but it was just not a good fit for him. He decided to quit. He almost moved out of state but decided to stay and look for work. Fidel is 62. He does accounting work. I am happy to say that he found a fabulous company and has a great boss. He made it through the first stages and was permanently hired. Just wanted to give a praise report.

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