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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. Prayer Needs


1. My cousin Harold is sick again. Coughed so hard he punctured his ear drum and cracked his ribs. He's in his 60s and a Diabetic. Just got over sickness then grandkids came by and he got the crud again. 2. My husband needs prayer to stay strong and healthy. He acts more like 30 than 71. He stays busy, works very hard around the place... but he gets real tired. I am disabled and he helps me get dressed, does a lot around the house like dishes, laundry, mowing the lawn plus runs errands to the store and just a lot of things I can't even think of but he does it. I appreciate him and need him to stay strong. 3. Annette needs prayer for a full time job, a place to live, to get her kids back (lost custody) and the favor of God regarding a traffic citation (she goes to court in May). Also, Annette (divorced) longs to meet a Christian man to marry. She's been texting a guy named Shawn. So far he's texted her but hasn't phoned her. She'd like to meet him for coffee or have lunch sometime. (They met online but he's in the same state). 4. Pray that Randy G. will stop smoking and quit drinking. Thank you for praying about all these things. God Bless you.

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