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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1) Randy needs prayer for his finances and help from God to quit smoking. 2) My husband and I need prayer for our health and finances. 3) John rents a room from us. He just moved in Oct. 1. But he told us he may be leaving the end of the month, moving out of state to live closer to his parents and take a new job. The thing is, John and his wife are separated. They have 2 young children. Please pray John will have wisdom in this matter. While it's common to want to leave and go someplace new, he would not see the kids as much and they need him. His son is 3 and his daughter is 6. I hate to see families breaking apart. God can do anything including get this family back together. We don't know John's personal business. But we noticed that he's been seeing a young lady. We wonder about it. John is a Christian/Believer. We are concerned. It seems a bit odd to "date" at this juncture. I guess my husband and I are old fashioned. He mentioned that he and his wife split up 2 times before and that this time was probably it. He also mentioned that his mother and father-in-law do not like him and are urging her to get a divorce. Pray for this family. 4) I need prayer in my Weight loss journey. Have lost 26 lbs. on W. Watchers and am so thankful to the Lord. He is helping me. I have much more to lose. But God is by my side every step of the way. Inch by inch it's a cinch as they say.

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