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-PSALM 66:19
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1. Just learned that Caroline--who lived in our city but we had not seen in months, has died. She had lung cancer. Her twin sons are in college; her daughter is a sophomore in high school. Please pray for family members, especially the children, to be comforted. And pray for the children's salvation. 2. Andy (rents a room from us) is new in this state and looking for work. He's 32, has good work history, work ethic and good skills. Pray for God to help him find the perfect position. 3. Randy (rents a room from us) has a girlfriend. They went out the other night, bowling and out to eat. The woman (we don't know her name yet) goes to Randy's church. We are excited. Randy has been lonely. We've been praying that Randy would meet someone to love and marry. 4. I just want to give a shout of Praise to God. He blesses us each and every day. I am thankful not only for financial blessings, but for our health and friends.

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