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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. Prayer Needs


Pray for the families of the 3 firefighters who got killed in Washington, battling fires. Pray for July A. to find a place to live. She has a car and a job but was displaced quickly and had no time to find an apt. She's been staying with friends. Pray for Ron W. He also needs to find a place to live. He has a bit of a drinking problem or could be in AA. He is a bit slow mentally. Makes it hard to find a place to live. He is staying with friends for now. Pray for Randy G -- for his spiritual walk and to quit drinking. Pray for Andy, he is still looking for work; has been looking since May. He's 32, has good job skills. But jobs are few and far between. Pray for me, I have an anger problem that rears its ugly head from time to time. Like tonight when I blasted my husband. Pray for our marriage and for God to put a cloak of peace over our home and us. Also, pray for relationships we have with others (family, friends). Pray for Bryn -- she has a burst eardrum and infection plus lots of pain. Pray for my pal Patti S. Her kitty died. And pray for my sister Jeanette and her husband. Their dog Saint died. Pray for Kirk. This is an unspoken. But God knows. Where there seems to be no way, God will make a way. Thank you for praying.

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