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-PSALM 66:19
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1. Selling our Dodge Ram has been harder than we thought. We imagined it would have sold by now. We are selling it since we are up in the years and it is very hard to get up/down from it. We found a Chevy S10 truck that is low to the ground and perfect for our needs. However, we can't buy it until we sell the Dodge Ram and have cash in hand. The S10 is through a private party. His ad was on cr. list and our ad is as well. He told us a guy is coming to see his truck this Sunday. We feel God has saved the white Chevy S10 for us. The seller (Jeff) is selling the S10 because he has 2 kids now and needed a bigger truck. He already has purchased a truck. We are trusting if the Chevy S10 is for us we'll get it. The price is low and it has low miles. We love our Dodge Ram but now it's time to sell it. Please pray it will sell soon -- hopefully today! 2. Annette needs prayer for her finances and things going on in her life. She's gone through divorce, alienation from her family, is homeless. She lost custody of her 2 daughters. The good news is she has a car to drive and she got a part-time job but she needs either a 2nd part-time job or a full time job. She's a godly woman and has great faith. Please lift her up in prayer. A court date looms in May regarding the kids etc. So could you put in special prayers about that. Her Ex has his own attorney. Quite the battle.

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