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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1. My sister Jeanette is helping with the open house at their newly built church. She's nervous. There's so much to do. She's in her 70s and gets tired. Pray for this open house and for her to not feel overwhelmed. 2. Randy has a new lady friend and we are thrilled! This is an answer to prayer. Randy is our friend and we saw how lonely he was. We prayed for him to find someone to love and marry. Pray all will go well as they get to know each other. He met her at church -- is that awesome or what? 3. Andy (rents a room from us) is looking for work. Pray he'll find just the right job. He's 32 and has lots of good talents & skills. 4. Please join me in praying for those in Texas and nearby states that have had severe floods. We need to pray for those who lost loved ones; for those who lost their homes and businesses too. We saw some tragic stories on the news. One family was staying at a vacation home and before they could escape, the water ripped it off it's foundation. The house was floating downstream. The people in the house joined hands. The one woman made a phone call to her sister. She told her she loved her and asked her to pray. Then the house hit a bridge and busted in pieces. Everyone went in the water and got separated. Just one man lived. He's in the hospital with bad injuries. The others--2 women, a man and 2 children--did not make it. So sad! We hear about tragedies every day. I hate to watch the news any more. It breaks the heart.

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