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-PSALM 66:19
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1. Please put in extra prayers for baby Faith. This precious little one is just 9 months old. She's the niece of a friend. Faith had Pneumonia and is not getting well. Doctors can't get her oxygen levels up. She was taken by ambulance to one hospital, then life flighted to another. 2. Praise report - We sold a platform bed on cr. list for $40; delivered it so we got an extra $20 for our gas and time. Then, God gave us $100 totally unexpected today. My husband had done a call back on a handyman job. Had built a fence but the man's dog keeps getting out. Not expecting moreney. But Jeff was so pleased he insisted on paying my husband. Say a prayer for Jeff to get blessed. And by the way "Thank you thank you thank you Lord for the $100. We had less than $8 in our checking account. Praise God for watching over us and providing for our every need. 3. Please would you pray for our health. My sweet husband has arthritis in knees real bad. I have Neuropathy (numbness in my toes/feet/legs) severe. Also, arthritis in my knees and bone-to-bone on right knee. Thank you for praying. Prayer changes things! 4. Fidel rents a room from us. He gave notice he's leaving March 1. Pray for a suitable replacement. A man is coming Monday to chat with us. We are interested in him. He'd be coming from out of state, he's a Christian, he seems like a good fit and stable. But it's up to God. Amen.

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