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-PSALM 66:19
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Michelle suffers from Schizophrenia, is BiPolar and has a Panic Disorder. Pray for a sound mind. She recently got meds for the Schizophrenia but needs BiPolar meds soon. Spoke with her on the phone today. Sometimes she is fine then has crying jags. She in her 30s, has 2 small kids (girl, boy) and a kind and loving Christian husband. She's such a sweet person. I think of her like a daughter, but no relation. Pray also for Randy to stop drinking; and for Andy to find a job. Lift up James S. that he'll continue to improve and go home from the hospital. Pray for James' salvation as well as his wife's (her name is Patti). Pray for our finances and health. My husband Ron has bursitis/tendinitis in his hip. It's so painful. He's 71. Normally he's super active, busy all the time. More like a 30 yr. old. But has aged rapidly. Pray for him, since I am disabled and he's my helper. He is scheduled to go for Physical Therapy this Monday. Pray that will help him.

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