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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1. My friend of 10 years Priscilla, a widow in her 70s, has not been feeling well lately and I worry about her. She broke her hip a year or so ago and since then has mobility issues. She kind of wobbles when walking with a sideways gate. She's very unsteady on her feet but able to drive and can negotiate stairs (lives in a basement). My husband and I gave her a walker that has a seat so she can sit down and rest. She was thankful. 2. Sandra and daughter Hope need prayer for their finances. Sandra is a single mom who gets no child support. Both Sandra and Hope (teen, age 14) are wonderful Christians on fire for God. 3. Annette needs prayer about an upcoming court date and for a full time job. Also, Annette longs to meet a Christian man to marry. 3. Randy, in his 50s, divorced, needs prayer to stop smoking and drinking. He's been a Christian a long time but lives a double life--he gets bored and heads for the local watering hole. Switched from real cigs to Ecigs but still bad. Randy has depression is on meds. Two family members (dad, sister) committed suicide so please lift him up in prayer for a sound mind, peace, joy and a closer walk with the Lord. He attends church regularly. Helps set up the music and volunteers in the church food bank. 4. Please pray for our health and finances. 5. Pray for Jacques and his wife Marie, dear friends. For their health plus their son has been having seizures and needs prayer. Also pray for their children to find and follow the Lord.

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