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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1. Randy needs to stop drinking & smoking. Went out last night and it's not only the cost (he drinks whiskey and coke at a cost of $11/drink) but he's a Christian and knows better than to go to bars. Also he struggles to quit smoking. Went to ecigs but needs to quit completely. 2. Our friend John King is ill and asked for prayer. Also Jack our neighbor is ill with flu and quite sick. Both men are in their 50s. 3. Praise report - Fidel received his $150 Money Order we sent him. The envelope came back to us. I had written the address wrong; off by 1 digit. Thank you for praying. 4. Fidel has a job interview Monday. It pays much better than the job he has now and he's excited about working there. Pray for God's will. 5. My cousin's wife has memory loss--could be the beginning of Dimentia or Alzheimers. Pray for her to have a sound mind. 6. Please pray for our finances. We have a dining table and chairs for sale at $250. People were interested; it's for their daughter, who just got a new home. But want to think about it. We could use the money. But it's in God's timing. Praise The Lord. 7. Tomorrow friends are giving a party to honor my husband's 71st b. day. His actual day was last Sunday but some could not come so we waited a week. I'm taking homemade lasagna and a coconut cake--2 things he loves and asked for. The hostess (Bryn) is doing the rest. Pray all goes well. He does a lot for me, is a good husband, very caring, attentive and loving. He deserves this.

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