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-PSALM 66:19
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Chelsea and her fiance Ryan are going through some things. Chelsea is my friend Deana's daughter. Chelsea is at College (east coast) but longs to come to the Pacific Northwest and Deana would like that. Deana says Chelsea has gotten off track spiritually. She still asks her mother for prayer so there is still a spark. 2) Deana (divorced almost 5 years) needs prayer about Mike, a guy she met and has been seeing for 2 months. Deana likes Mike a lot but he not opening up to her the way she hoped. Mike was treated bad by his Ex wife and that could be why he is hesitant to give his heart completely to Deana. Mike has been divorced 2 years but Deana says he has dated pretty much from the very beginning. Deana feels a connection with Mike but is not sure he's the one for her. Please pray if this is right that God will open the door and if not, to close the door. And pray that God will give Deana a patient heart in matters of love. To let God take care of it. Also pray for our doctor, Dr. Paul Kaufman. He has had the flu for 2 weeks. He thought he was better and returned to work but had a relapse. We are quite concerned about him. Please pray for my husband's health. He has sinus problems, severe arthritis and skin rashes. Also for my health. I have Peripheral Neuropathy in my toes/feet/legs, severe arthritis in my knees, breathing woes and need to continue to lose weight. Have lost over 30 lbs. on W. Watchers. Have lots more to lose. Thanks Prayer Warriors. God bless you.

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