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-PSALM 66:19
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Hyrum needs prayer about his back. 2 back surgeries later he still has pain and stiffness. He's in his mid-30's. His job involves hard physical labor which doesn't help. Also, pray that he'll get a raise or a better paying job. Hyrum is engaged. Pray for he and his fiancee Jenna as they make plans. She's a widow with 2 boys under age of 12. He is divorced with a 5 yr. old daughter. The daughter lives in another state, so that is sad. I don't think he gets to see her very often. Also, Hyrum took a week off work to visit his parents in Utah. Please pray for traveling mercies as he drives back home. Also, continue to pray for Bryn's adult son Ian. He slipped and split his toe open real bad (big toe) and broke it. He should have gone to Urgent Care but didn't. Now the toe may be infected. He is on vacation, traveling by car across the U.S. with his family. Prayer for not only his toe but traveling mercies for he and his family would be good. Thank you. ~ A Pastor's Wife

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