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-PSALM 66:19
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1 - Fidel has had 3 cornea replacements on his right eye; if this last one fails there is nothing more that can be done. Please pray for healing. His left eye has problems too but dr. removed tumors. He used to live in the Philipines (been in USA many years) and I think the hot sun ruined his eyes. He's a wonderful Christian very strong in his faith, 62 yrs old. He just started a new job, Accounting Software Co. and needs prayer that this will be permanent. Until March he won't be hired for sure. 2 - Randy needs a full time job with benefits. He recently had severe food poisoning, was taken to the hospital, came home and is getting better. Thanks for all who prayed. 3 - Pray for our health and finances please. 4 - Jan needs a place to live by Dec. 31. Or, that's when her lease is up. She can't afford higher rent and she can't afford all the deposits for another place. She had come here from another state, had been invited to stay with her daughter, but at the last minute she was not allowed to stay. Went to a hotel then slept in her truck awhile. Finally got a place to live and had to give up her beloved doggie Charlie. Also, she and her present room-mate do not get along very well. She mostly just lives in her bedroom and only comes out when the other gal is gone. That's no way to live. Jan is 72. She cannot afford much and rent in high in this area. Please pray for her, she's been through a lot. Thanks.

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