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-PSALM 66:19
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1) Josh (our son) is out of the Army now, living in the USA. He is not in the same state we are but he keeps in touch by phone or Facebook. Josh has a job at the Dollar Store and glad for work but wants a better paying job so he can support his wife and 2 daughters. [His wife is a stay-at-home mom]. Josh applied for a job refueling planes at the airport. He has experience--he fueled helicopters when on assignment in Iraq. Please pray if it is God's will he will get this job. Please also pray for Josh's salvation. He is very much the Prodigal son, has got off track in serving God however he is making changes in his life and we can see God at work. Thank you for praying for Josh. 2) Friends Jachen & Angie and their 3 kids move this weekend. An answer to prayer. The home they've been renting got Foreclosed on. A man bought it and wants to flip it/sell it not rent it. They must be out by Feb. 28. My husband and others will help them move. We'll provide pickup and utility trailer. My husband is almost 71 but strong so he'll work alongside the 30 yr. olds! I will prepare food. Please pray all goes well and they'll be happy in the new home. It's far out in the country; kids have to change schools. A nice place--nicer than where they have lived. But not as close to their church home; very slow internet; cells phones don't work; land line phone only. Dish instead of Cable. Jachen will commute by car now. Before rode his bike. So there are adjustments. Thanks for praying!

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