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-PSALM 66:19
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I got my Social Security Check yesterday. We have many bills. After paying everything but before buying food or putting gas in the car, we had $60 left to last 2 weeks. Things were dismal. I prayed to God, "Lord please release your favor; bless our finances. Send money from the Heavenlies Account. . . just like you showed me in the Vision." You see, about 12 years ago I was driving to work, fully awake. I was saying my prayers and thanking God for the beautiful day. I looked at the blue sky and the white fluffy clouds and that's when God showed me a Vision. I've not had a Vision before or since. In this Vision, I saw money flowing from the heavens. It was like God put a projector up, and not just for a fleeting moment. It went on a long time. The flow of money was constant; it had no top and no bottom. I was mesmerized. I said "Oh Lord, You are saying You want to bless me beyond what I can think, believe or imagine!" No, I didn't win the lottery after that. But I came to realize that when I pray for help with finances or God's favor from the heavenlies account either for family or friends or for myself, God is ready to answer my prayer. We had placed an ad on craigslist for a leather chair. No one seemed interested. Our price was $200. After I prayed, a lady emailed to say she was coming by with her husband to buy the chair. The chair sold and they were very pleased with their purchase. [Super nice people too, fun to chat with.] Praise God for his goodness, mercy and favor!

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