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-PSALM 66:19
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We wanted to get my son and his wife flowers for their 15th Wedding Anniversary. I'm disabled and hurting today so I stayed in the car. My husband went in Dollar Tree to get a balloon and a card. Those were only $1.50. Great. Then I said please go to the grocery store (in the same complex) and buy flowers for Jim & Breanne. Either fresh flowers or a small plant for their yard. If you can get it for $10 that would be good, but just in case, I handed him a twenty dollar bill and waited again in the car. He was gone a long time. He called my cell phone to say that no one was in the floral dept. It was around 3:30 p.m...strange. He'd found some beautiful roses for $2.50 each and I said get 4 or 5 and babies breath or ferns. We'll put them in a vase when we get home. Money is tight; we are on Soc. Security. Soon my husband came out with this gorgeous bouquet of roses: dark blue, pink, yellow, red. Wow. And babies breath too,,,all wrapped up in paper. I was delighted. He said the Manager gave me these FREE because I had to wait so long. Several times over the intercom they asked for help in floral and not one person came. He said I am the new Manager and this is coming to a screeching halt. So we got FREE flowers. Yay. I just had to share this blessing. By the way, we paid $100 tithe (today). You can't out-give God. He gave us $20 back. And I am sure tomorrow and the next day and the next He'll bless us more. He always does. Praise the Lord. He's an awesome God.

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