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-PSALM 66:19
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We had asked for prayer for our finances. We are on Soc. Security and money is tight. My husband earned $150 doing handyman work the last couple of weeks. Then last Friday he earned $40 mowing lawns. Today in the mail we received $50 from friends. In the card they said this is for your birthdays...close the kitchen and go out to dinner. My birthday was Feb. 18 and my husband's birthday is Mar. 8. Then we won a contest. The prize was tickets to go see a professional basketball game. My husband filled out the form for the contest at our Gym. He turned to me and said do you want to put in an entry too? I said if God wants us to win, all it takes is one ticket. Well, we won! The seats are good, in the 200 rows. They are valued at $139 each. I am disabled so it's hard for me to walk very far. In fact, I have a wheelchair (but these are assigned seats -- not wheelchair seats). My husband could take a friend or our adult son might go (he has to check his schedule). My husband loves me to go everywhere with him and I usually do but I think this time I'll beg off. My husband and another guy (a friend or our son) will have guy's night out.

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