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-PSALM 66:19
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I need prayer for finding medical care. When I have tried to get medical care I have had to wait for hours just to be turned away even though I had an appointment and traveled far. Or, the doctor treated me terrible and wouldn't examine me or treat me. I believe there is wrong and harmful information in the electronic network among doctors. Previously I was told that a psychiatric patients records were in my files but they were not my records and I couldn't get them removed. That was 19 yrs ago but I think somehow those records are still causing me problems. I have serious medical problems and cannot get care. The doctors have blacklisted me. I traveled several hours away to doctors twice. It has gotten so bad that even my long term doctors are no longer seeing me. For awhile I was erroneously flagged as a workman's comp case but that has been removed. I have neurological issues that the doctors did not try to diagnose. They did not go the tests and I am coping on my own. It has greatly affected my functioning. I don't have a thyroid and have paid for blood work and doctors but they did nothing to get me medicine. I've contacted agencies for help but they say patients have no rights in this country. I think I would get better care if I lived in Africa. My insurance costs as much as my income but I can't get care.

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