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Do you really need a…?

A microwave. That’s what it is for us. About 5 years ago, Jeremy’s old microwave he’d bought when he was in grad school finally broke down. Usually that would mean a trip to a local appliance store for a replacement. But, as we were talking about it, we realized, “We don’t use this thing for much more than microwave popcorn. Do we really need a new one?”


We’ve been microwave-free for years now and haven’t missed it. We can pop corn on the stove and heat leftovers in a sauce pan or in the oven. In return, we have more counter space and one less appliance to clean or repair. It’s worked for us, but maybe it wouldn’t for you. That’s not the point.

We’re not on an anti-microwave campaign, trying to rid kitchens everywhere of this modern day convenience. We MAY even buy one again sometime in the future. The point is for us to always be wondering what COULD we live without. As we seek to own things instead of having them own us, what could we get rid of to find a little more freedom?

Just a little “food” for thought.

Maybe it’s the deep freeze in your garage or it’s that blender you’ve used exactly one time. Or the 2nd or 3rd car in the driveway that no one drives. What could you live without and what kind of freedom would you gain in letting it go?