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Hack My Mom Life!

Congratulations to Heather from Roanoke! She shared a “mom hack” that makes her life a little easier, and now she and three friends are headed to the Hearts at Home conference! They’ll also get a hotel stay plus some spending money for the weekend.

Heather shared a way she’s able to spend quality time with each of her children individually. When she goes grocery shopping and does other errands, she takes one child with her each week while the rest hang out with Dad at home. The child chooses dinner and a special treat, and Heather gets her errands done in better time without all five coming along for the ride. Win-win!

Hearts at Home is back as “Hearts at Home 2.0” and will host a conference at Illinois State University in Normal March 15 & 16.

You can find out more about the conference here.

You can view the contest rules here.



Thanks to Anderson Ford in Clinton for helping make this giveaway possible!

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