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Where Are We?

As Charles was checking me out at the grocery store a few days ago, he asked where WCIC is in relation to our fundraiser goal.

I appreciated the question because… even though the fundraiser finished on-air at 70% of the goal, books are still open and the total continues climbing every day. While Charles continued scanning my groceries I got on my phone and found the total has grown to 75%.

What would it take at this point to close out at 100%?

Let’s break it down this way… Ten friends investing at the TEAM40 level, $40 a month in on-going support, will move the total another 1%.

If for any reason you’ve not yet given and would like to, your investment of ANY size will share hope.

And next week at the store, while Charles is scanning the fresh tomatoes, I’d love to tell him you helped bring the total up and over 80%.

Thanks for your partnership!

Dave Brooks, Station Manager


Dave Brooks

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