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Free Copy of Mom Hacks

Moms throughout the WCIC Community have shared some great advice… their favorite Mom Hacks!  

When we need to clear out the leftovers, I tell my kids we’re having buffet night! We pull out all the leftovers, and the kids go through the line one by one picking out their food. They love it!! 

When the clothes come out of the dryer, I organize them in piles and put them on their beds. When they get home from school, they must put all their clothes away before they do anything else. It helps me out a ton, and helps them learn responsibility! 

It’s about lots of topics and applies to kids of all ages! Find more advice like this when you get your free copy of the Mom Hacks! 

I started asking our sitter to arrive 30 minutes before we need to leave for our date nights. It gives the little one’s time to adjust. Oh the ideas are so good and its applies to all age kids.