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Pray for Bowen

You may have read some of Bowen’s story when Matt Hammitt, his dad, released the song Tears. Today Bowen and his family need your prayers.

Words from Matt Hammitt (Lead Me, Tears, Confidence), former lead singer of Santcus Real:

Bowen endured his first open heart surgery in 2010. It’s hard to believe that was eight years ago now. On July 31, Bowen will undergo his third major open heart surgery. As you can imagine, moving toward this date has been very hard for our family. But we’ve been doing our best to trust the Lord for strength and to remain hopeful in the waiting.

Leading up to his surgery, Bowen’s wish was to record and release an EP (an album with less than 6 songs). Our family has called it his “music-wish.” This became a great opportunity for us to invest in something positive on our way down a difficult road. We’re excited to have released the first two songs.

Thank you for praying for Bowen and his family as they wait for the July 31 heart surgery. If you want to read more, visit their blog at