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A Reminder of Hope

How do you handle change? No, not your pocket change to cover that extra nine cents on the dollar menu item at the drive thru window. Change - like what's happening in the world right now. With all the change happening pretty much every day, it can seem harder and harder to find good news. Real hope.

That’s how Michelle was feeling until she turned on WCIC. She wrote,

"During the first week of cancellations and news about COVID-19 and its seriousness, I was getting overwhelmed by the amount of negative news and the quickly changing limitations. Every time I would say “Hey Google, play WCIC," there would be a reminder to look to God's promises for hope, or a personal story about how God met them in a time of need. The music was upbeat and cheerful. Joe B. shared how a smile can lift our spirits even when we don't necessarily feel like smiling. I tried it, and it works! I can't thank you all enough for keeping the light and hope of Jesus shining in my heart."

You're making a difference in Michelle’s life! When you partner with WCIC, you’re helping share hope in Jesus... one song, one conversation, one heart at a time.

Maybe WCIC has provided hope for you and your family during this season, too. If so, could you share here? It’s always so nice hearing your stories!

- Brian & Janine, Mornings

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