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Alissa Mercier

Mrs. Mercier is a kind and caring teacher. She loves her students. She sent my daughter a special email during the pandemic, when school was out for the summer, just to tell her she was thinking about her.

Mrs. Mercier was kind enough to send my daughter a birthday card. I have never had a teacher do that before!

During school, Mrs. Mercier took time in the evenings to host reading groups where family was also invited to attend. She spent her own money on the supplies and snacks for everyone.

We are also blessed that she teaches our children about Jesus and His love for us. 5000 words are not enough to explain how Mrs. Mercier is making a difference. Her love and patience and model of Christian living is a testament to how the power of the Holy Spirit works through us to shine the light of Christ into others. She is a wonderful teacher. I pray you would consider her worthy of this $500 shopping spree. I know she would be beyond grateful and it would probably make her cry-but in a good way. Thank you for her consideration.

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