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Big Daddy Weave


About the Artist

Big Daddy Weave includes band members Mike Weaver (lead vocals/guitar), Jay Weaver (bass/vocals), Jeremy Redmon (guitar/vocals), Joe Shirk (saxophone/keys/vocals), and Brian Beihl (drums). The band has released 7 albums and has received ASCAP and BMI Awards as well as the Rich Mullins Artist Impact Award.

The band puts an emphasis on ministry, especially at their concerts where they have a time of dialog and prayer with the fans after each performance. They find that speaking with their fans is a very rewarding and encouraging experience both for the band and for the fans.

The members of Big Daddy Weave want their legacy to be one of loving others and sharing the impact of love that God has given them. “My story is really the story of what God has done, and the goodness of that is that it awakens things in other people,” Mike adds. “Our story is really just part of His story.”