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Kari Jobe


About the Artist

Kari Jobe’s newest album, The Garden, has been influenced by changes in her personal life as she has struggled with family grief. In the past couple of years, Kari has gotten married and had her first baby. During her pregnancy, her sister, Kris, was pregnant at the same time. Devastation struck their family when Kris gave birth to a stillborn daughter. The loss struck their family hard and Kari’s heart was shattered. When she gave birth to her son, she faced a range of emotions from the joy of her child’s new life to the pain that came with the loss of her niece.

One day as Kari was walking among her own garden, she was reminded of God’s faithfulness through all things. She felt like God had restored her and she began writing again. The Garden‘s “tracks speak to hope in the midst of loss, peace in the midst of uncertainty and God’s presence in the midst of pain.”

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