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Podcast: Behind Our Smiles

Hosted by Joe and Tara Buchanan


Behind Our Smiles – Episode 15 – Ready or Not, Here I Come Part 2

The traumatic experiences of Joe’s past were one of the major barriers to us finding emotional intimacy in our marriage. The distance that was between us made it harder to have those conversations about what was really going on beneath the surface. Behind our smiles. But Joe desperately wanted to slap on a smile and believe that the past was in the past.
But 7 years into our marriage, keeping it under the surface was no longer an option. God got a hold of his heart through a few events that forced him to face so much of the pain he was running from. The kind of pain no one else might have known he was struggling with. All while he was ministering to thousands on his daily radio show. But at home, we knew.
Week by week through those dark years, we began to see the light. The six-foot gap had closed, but it looked different than we thought it would.

Behind our smiles promo art with Joe and Tara Buchanan

Hosted by Joe and Tara Buchanan with Northwestern Media

WCIC’s brand new podcast, Behind Our Smiles, takes you behind the smiles of Joe and Tara Buchanan as they share how they find joy amidst the challenges they have faced in their marriage.  Joe is our Station Manager and he and Tara have been married for 24 years and have four children. If you enjoyed hearing Joe’s story on the first episode of The Unfolding, you’ll love hearing the story that God continued to write in their marriage and family.

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