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Podcast: Behind Our Smiles

Hosted by Joe and Tara Buchanan


Behind Our Smiles Podcast – Episode 3 – Give Me A Win!


Do you ever get stuck with such bad hand in a card game that you realize you have zero possibility of winning? How does that affect your motivation and interest in playing the game? Yeah, it feels like a pointless activity to spend your time watching someone else run away with all the points and being left in the dust.

That happens in our relationships too. If Joe and I are in conflict and he has zero possibility of winning with me, he checks out. But when I give him a win- a way back- he’s much more willing to stay in the game. Besides, I like being married to a winner.

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Hosted by Joe and Tara Buchanan with Northwestern Media

WCIC’s brand new podcast, Behind Our Smiles, takes you behind the smiles of Joe and Tara Buchanan as they share how they find joy amidst the challenges they have faced in their marriage.  Joe is our Station Manager and he and Tara have been married for 24 years and have four children. If you enjoyed hearing Joe’s story on the first episode of The Unfolding, you’ll love hearing the story that God continued to write in their marriage and family.

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