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Bethanie Whitaker

Bethanie teaches in a self-contained classroom with the same students each day all day long. She works countless hours preparing Individualized Educational Plans for each of her students and rarely receives the recognition for handling the teenagers who are learning how to handle difficult personal lives while receiving an education at the same time. She cares for her students and gives 110% to making sure that she does everything in her power to help these kids learn. While in her own classroom each day not having opportunities to meet other students, she still finds ways to connect and support students. Bethanie attends fine art events, sporting events, and even graduation due to her commitment to the students. (Her own students are beyond high school age.) She is very professional to work with, has a great sense of humor, and is a role model to many teachers on how to handle students and parents. (Bethanie is on the left in the picture.)


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