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Better Earth Composting

Business Support Partner

BetterEarth Premium Organic Compost is committed to providing its customers with quality compost that will help produce healthy soil and healthy plants. BetterEarth Compost is made from recycled material and benefits the environment as it benefits its users.

The abundant, fertile soils of the Illinois River Valley lured our European ancestors to this location during the 1800's. In cooperation with nature, our family has been dairy farming here since 1922. In the early 1990's we discovered how the land could use the natural processes of composting to convert organic matter and dairy cow manure into the better earth for which this valley is known.
We used the odorless natural compost on our fields and were amazed at how productive the soil became. Our yields were better in all weather conditions. It was not long after that landscapers, serious gardeners, and garden shops began coming to our farm to buy our organic compost by the truckload.

We first started making our organic compost available to the public in bags in 2003. We are confident that you will be pleased with how BetterEarth Premium Organic Compost performs. We would love to hear how you have benefited by using our product. We would also love to see pictures of your plants and gardens after enriching the soil with BetterEarth Premium Organic Compost.


1400 S Cameron Ln
Peoria, IL 61607