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Christy Herrmann

Mrs. Herrmann has a heart full of Jesus and a gift of teaching students where they are. We’ve been blessed to have her teach two of our children, and she’s been the perfect teacher and mentor for both. After struggling for several years with reading, it was Mrs. Herrmann who realized our oldest son had an eye tracking problem. She didn’t give up on him, she didn’t chalk it up to “he’ll get there.” Instead she referred us to a local eye doctor who worked with him, and he became a voracious reader.

When virtual learning happened last year, she didn’t have the internet capability at home to post assignments and interact with children. Every day she drove the 30 min to an empty classroom and an empty building to be able to teach her students the best she could. When the task weighed heavy on her and she felt she was failing them, she openly wept, showing them once again how much each one of them meant to her and how much she loved them.

Mrs. Herrmann has a servant heart and a love for Jesus that everyone can see. She’s been a true blessing to our family and our school.


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