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Climate Change

Could we be closer than we realize to Spiritual awakening in our area?

One of my favorite family memories is hiking through Finger Rock Canyon in Arizona with all the tall, green cactus. The Sonoran desert climate is the only place on earth with the right temperature range, sunshine, and moisture to support the saguaro.

In higher elevations, it was too cold for the saguaro. Then all of a sudden, they’re just everywhere. It’s like a line: nothing but desert scrub, then a majestic cactus forest. It's all because of a microclimate change, sustained over time… too small for humans to even notice, but vital for cactus.

dave brooks wes 2011 2019 saguaro arizona cactus cllimate change

Finger Rock Canyon in Arizona

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Spiritual Climate Change

What if you and I can contribute to a shift in the spiritual climate around us through our prayers and how we relate with others?

Maybe a small act of kindness today is gonna change the spiritual climate one degree… just enough for someone near us to move from “no” to “yes” with Jesus? Think saguaro.

Let’s pray for this climate change together.

"Lord, please use each of us to carry the atmosphere of Your Presence into our world today, bringing a shift to the spiritual climate around us for your Glory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Thank you for your partnership with WCIC. And thank you for your role, in bringing spiritual climate change.

- Dave Brooks, Station Manager