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WCIC's Fall Fundraiser

Come Together

You Make a Difference

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming.

Probably now more than ever, people struggle with feeling disconnected... from others, maybe even from God.

Every day, you share hope... with those in prison, with families across the WCIC Community, with the person who's reached rock bottom and "just happens" to hear the exact truth they need to hear through music on the radio. You remind them that God loves them and they are never alone.

Need to Boost Your Budget?

WCIC is a listener-supported ministry, and the fall fundraiser begins Tuesday, October 6.

If 625 friends come together and give at the TEAM40 level ($40 a month in ongoing support), the need will be met!

If you get involved now - before October 6 - you'll be in the running for a budget boost! What would life look like if your groceries, gas, and utilities were covered for the next few months?

Maybe you could get that new washer you've been needing or an upgraded Internet package for working from home. Or maybe you and your family could really use some time away, and this would give you extra margin in the budget for a vacation!

This $3,000 budget boost is being made possible thanks to Samaritan Ministries, a Biblical solution to healthcare.

Not only will your early gift of support put you in the running, it will also help WCIC's fall fundraiser get off to a strong start!

Come Together

All current, monthly donors are already in the running. If you can't give right now, just fill out the online donation form with a gift of $.01. You'll be in the running to boost your budget, and you won't be billed. You can view all the giveaway rules here.