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Peoria Area

  Community Resources: services for families, children, and people in need

Peoria Tazewell Dyslexia Awareness Network

2900 West Lake Avenue
309-679-0788 FIND OUT MORE

10700 N. Allen Rd
309-243-1550 FIND OUT MORE
Eagle Crest Camp

823 Columbia Rd
309-248-7121 FIND OUT MORE
Great Oaks Camp

1380 CR 900 N
309-246-4005 FIND OUT MORE
Camp Manitoumi

948 Country Road 1800 North
309-697-0963 FIND OUT MORE
Camp Kearney

1127 South Laramie
309-389-5375 FIND OUT MORE
Camp Of Champions USA

403 1/2 NE Jefferson St.
309-688-1816 FIND OUT MORE
Camp Good News

26010 Liberty Lane
309-444-3255 FIND OUT MORE
Celebrate Recovery

2221 N. Gale Ave.
309-863-5127 FIND OUT MORE
Clothes Closet

800 Springfield Road
309-699-2606 FIND OUT MORE
First Things First

800 Springfield Road
309-699-2606 FIND OUT MORE
Community Light (Firehouse of God Ministries)
306 5th Avenue, Sterling, IL, United States
815-622-9490 FIND OUT MORE