Fall Fundraiser Results

The goal was met early for WCIC's fall fundraiser!

By noon on Day Three of the fall fundraiser, you met the goal to cover WCIC's operational expenses for 2018. That was almost a whole day early! More than 800 people got involved. 

AND then...

We had the opportunity to do a special project: raising support for WCIC's prison ministry in 2019. The dream was to raise $20,000. You did! Not only that, but the last $6350 came in almost all at once through two large donations made around 4 pm on Thursday. Suddenly, it was finished! You've made three prison concerts possible in the past two years, and now more will be possible next year!!! 

Here's what men and women in prison have said about the hope you've shared:

"I've been real depressed lately. When you're in here, people forget about you. I just prayed to God, 'Just show me that somebody cares.' We're just guys who messed up, feeling like we failed our family. For you to do something like this... it can change a life. So thank you, thank you."   - Gordon at Tayloville Correctional Center

"It will be a total of ten years when I get out in November. When I first got incarcerated, I wasn't really close to God. I've been listening to WCIC since 2013. I don't think I'd be where I am without it. Last year, the concert convicted me in a lot of ways that I was living, and it really changed me. Without you, people would forget about us." - a woman at Logan Correctional Center



BOOKS REmain open

After every fundraiser, we hear from people who were not able to give during the on-air fundraiser. There's always opportunity to put Kingdom resources to good use. Books will remain open for a while, and you can still give to share hope through WCIC.

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