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Congratulations, Mrs. McAdamis!

Mrs. McAdamis at Chatham Elementary School was the winner of the $500 School Supply Shopping Spree, courtesy of Samaritan Ministries!

Erica shared about all the ways she serves her students…

Mrs. McAdamis was my daughter’s teacher for the last two years, for both third and fourth grade. She “looped” with the class, so we got two full years’ worth of her going above and beyond in her teaching.

One thing I loved about Mrs. McAdamis was that she often sent me emails that detailed something she was proud of my kid for doing and often included a picture or video of my kid. As a parent, that meant so much to see a glimpse into my daughter’s day. And I know she wasn’t sending those emails just to me. She didn’t have to send these little moments to us parents, but she did.

Mrs. McAdamis constantly did things outside of the classroom to connect with her students, like taking them to see the movie adaptation of the book they had just finished reading or meeting them for ice cream in the summer. She would also show up at her students’ various sporting events. She didn’t have to meet up with her students in her free time, but she did.

She was well-loved and appreciated before COVID-19 shut down the schools in the spring, but after seeing how much she went above what was required after the shut-down is what makes her the best candidate for this award. There was very little that was required of the teachers during the weird, unprecedented, statewide shut-down. They had to have daily Zoom meetings with their students, but our district didn’t add any more learning to the year, so most teachers just used those meetings to check in and connect socially. But Mrs. McAdamis kept teaching. The great thing about it, though, is the kids didn’t know she was still teaching. She made it fun for the kids in a time where there was so much confusion, uncertainty, and fear.

One day during quarantine, Mrs. McAdamis went to the home of each one of her 24 students and dropped off supplies so that the next day they could all do the same science experiment over Zoom. She didn’t have to use her own time to make that memorable experiment happen, but she did.

She came up with scavenger hunts that the students would do over Zoom where they had to find something in the shape of a cylinder or a parallelogram or find something with a fraction on it within their homes. She didn’t have to find creative ways to reinforce what they had been learning, but she did.

She mailed wildflower seeds to each of her students to plant on Earth day. She didn’t have to spend her own money on seeds and stamps so that my kid could have something fun to do during quarantine, but she did.

Mrs. McAdamis also lined up surprise guests to show up on her Zoom meetings and teach about things they were passionate about. My kid learned about topics like gardening and weather from these extra guests. She didn’t have to spend time coordinating this, but she did.

Mrs. McAdamis also set up a weekly Zoom meeting, in addition to her required daily one, where she would read a chapter or two of a book to anyone who hopped on the meeting. She encouraged us parents to have all our children attend this one, no matter the age. She didn’t have to give us parents this small, weekly break, but she did.

Also, my daughter turned 10 during the quarantine, and Mrs. McAdamis participated in her birthday parade. She also attended the birthday parades of other students whose birthdays fell during quarantine. She didn’t have to attend these parades in her free time, waving cards and a small gift out the window of her car, but she did.

We’re now in the 8th week of summer, and Mrs. McAdamis still hosts weekly Zoom meetings with any student that wants to say hello. She doesn’t have to spend her summer connecting with these kids that technically are no longer her students, but she does.

Mrs. McAdamis is more than deserving of winning this contest, for these reasons and so many others. She will remain that teacher that has a special place in not only my daughter’s heart but mine as well.

Thank you, Mrs. McAdamis, for all the ways you went above and beyond in teaching my kid.

Mrs. McAdamis is one of many teachers making a difference in the WCIC Community. You can view the Teacher Appreciation Wall here.