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Family Health Checkup

Samaritan Ministries International

Introducing Family Health Checkup, a daily one-minute radio program produced by Samaritan Ministries International. Its focus is to sort through the noise of the world’s advice, and provide valuable, upbeat insights on nutrition, fitness, seasonal health, safety, money-saving tips, kids’ health and much more from a Christian perspective!

Doug Chamberlain, Host and Producer of Family Health Checkup, is a CCM radio veteran of over 25 years. He is a full-time Audio Producer for Samaritan Ministries, International. Doug has also done extensive voice-over work over the years, is an author, and a musician. He’s been married to his wife, Marty, for 37 years, and has 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Family Health Checkup is an outgrowth of his passion for peoples’ health, as well as his experiences as a husband, dad, grandfather, and cancer survivor.