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Worship and the Word Movement


Worship and the Word Movement (WWM) is a missionary and movement incubator, which means we LOVE to help people accomplish the dreams that God has put on their hearts! We do this by helping establish spiritual foundation, organizational structure, relational connections, and the resources needed! WWM is a 501(c)3 organization, based in the beautiful state of Colorado, and is lead by it’s founders, Dave and Tara Powers.

As WWM, we deeply value our family of amazing staff and missionaries! We love the community and fellowship that God has given us as we strive toward expanding his kingdom together! Bellow you’ll find all the bios of this incredibly rad team and the movements that we are currently incubating. Our team is comprised of worship leaders, speakers, media geniuses, prayer monsters, and more!

Our mission statement is a little unconventional, but in 2006, Dave felt like God told him to make it into a prayer, so here it is:

'Father, we want to do what YOU are doing! We want to live out the Greatest Commandments and help fulfill the Great Commission! We want to see people encounter Your Presence we want to see genuine revival break out around the world; we want to see people receive revelation from Your Word, all to bring the Name of Jesus glory. Begin in us God! Move in our families, cities, states, regions, countries, and all the nations of the earth!'