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Decisions! 3 Ways to Make Good Ones…

Decisions Decisions Decisions!

Yesterday our family had tickets to go to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game with our church. We were excited to see Alyssa react to her first MLB experience. Plus, I’d never been to the new stadium and couldn’t wait to take it all in. Now, usually I’m a Cubs fan if pressed to choose. But, really, I’m pretty much pro-Midwest and pro-family-fun. So, I was more than happy to cheer on the Redbirds with my friends!

There was just one problem…All three of us were sick heading into the weekend.

When things weren’t looking up by late Saturday, we had to make a choice: Do we wait to decide, hoping we’ll be magically better in the morning; do we just swallow our coughs and colds and tummy aches and tough it out either way; or do we call it now and be done with it? We all wanted to go. We all felt lousy. We also didn’t want the tickets to go to waste. Nonetheless, after a few minutes of back and forth, Jeremy and I had to put on our big people pants and decide to stay home. Shew. Just making the decision was a relief. 

Do you struggle with making those tough calls for your fam? Here are three things we considered in making our decision:

1. What are the consequences of each choice? If we went to the game and our bodies weren’t up to it, neither of us would have been good for work or summer camp today…maybe even tomorrow. If we stayed home, our church would have to eat the cost of the tickets. In the end, the possibility of getting worse by trying to make the trip outweighed the cost of the tickets. Jeremy had already missed work much of last week and was just starting to get better. We offered to do what we could and found some friends to take a couple of our tickets, but our pastor was completely understanding. And, I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to come down with bronchitis after sitting next to us for nine innings.

2. If we wait to decide, how will it affect others? We realized that if we went ahead and made the call, we still had time to try to find friends who could make arrangements to be able to use the tickets. Plus, we were eliminating the stress of communicating last minute changes to our pastor early the next morning. It was better for everyone else if we simply made a decision based on the facts as they were: We were still struggling and wouldn’t enjoy the drive or the game.

3. What’s best for our child? At one point I turned to Alyssa and asked, “Will you feel like going to the game in the morning?” What was I thinking? She’s eight! One of her best friends was planning to go on the trip. Of course she hoped the answer would be YES! I couldn’t put the weight of this decision on her shoulders. As Jeremy interjected, “Mommy and Daddy will decide what’s best, but go ahead and tell us what you think.” What a man, huh? So full of wisdom and stuff. We’re the parents. We decide what’s best with the knowledge available. At this particular moment, we knew she needed another day to overcome her chest congestion, mild fever, and upset tummy.

Being a grown-up is hard.

What’s your method for making the tough calls?

Praying we all make good choices for our families today.