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Don't Be Fooled


Don’t be fooled!

If your kids are anything like mine, they love to wear costumes and masks, not just during the Halloween season but the whole year. A few years ago, my boys picked up a very realistic-looking mask that has provided a ton of laughs for our family. Ever since, my boys love to wear it, mostly for the purpose of coming around random corners to give me a good scare! It’s pretty freaky!

The other day, I came downstairs in the morning while it was still dark, sat on the couch with my coffee, and immediately noticed this disturbing sight across the room. It was the mask, set up under a blanket to look like an actual person asleep on my couch.

But you know what’s neat? I glanced over at the pretend body lying there, and my heart didn’t skip a beat. I didn’t flinch. What normally would have freaked me out just made me giggle. I thought, how funny that my boys set her up there to scare me. But I knew better than to fall for their little prank.

Picture of mask and covers

Joe and Tara Buchanan

Joe and Tara Buchanan have been married for 23 years and have four children, ages 10-20.. They share more marriage and family encouragement on their blog, Behind Our Smiles.

That reminds me of how the enemy uses the same old tricks and plastic masks to throw us off our game, thinking he can make us operate from fear. Telling us the same lies about who we are and if we matter... lies to make us doubt if God even sees us.

John 8:44b When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Then God spoke to my heart that morning to remind me that just like this mask no longer scares me, I can break the power of the enemy’s lies in my life as well. I remembered that I’m not falling for some of the old lies that used to trip me up either. I can laugh in the face of the lies!

The only way we can defeat the lies is to continually surround ourselves with God’s Word. Fill our minds and hearts with His truth every day. So when the lie shows up, it’s clear as day that it’s just a plastic mask posing as the real thing. Go ahead and laugh! It’s a fake, and you don’t have to fall for it!

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