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Facing Conflict When Peace is Your Thing

Hi! This is Brian from Afternoons, and I don’t like conflict.

Alright, so let’s just end this post, what do you say? 🙂 No? Alright, here goes.

If you’re like me, just hearing the word conflict makes you feel a little uneasy. The thought of facing conflict makes you feel…uh…not good, to say the least.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve tried to avoid confrontation. I’ve tried everything possible to avoid conflict. Often times, I’ve avoided difficult conversations that will address either something I’ve done to cause someone else to be upset or something someone else has done to cause me to be upset. Keep the peace!

We read in the Bible that “Blessed are the peacemakers” and how we are to live in peace with one another. So, just avoid conflict altogether, and we’re good, right? Well, no. The term peace faker comes to mind, instead of peacemaker. I’ve tried that, and yeah, it doesn’t work out so well.

You see, I’ve learned (the hard way) the problem with avoiding conflict is things don’t get resolved. Sometimes these are things that really need to get resolved sooner than later.

Conflict can be a healthy thing, and addressing it in a healthy and appropriate way can do wonders for any friendship, relationship, or interpersonal connection of any kind. The Bible has advice for this, too. Hooray!

In recent years, my comfort level of dealing with conflict has gone up a bit, and I know that is in no part due to anything I’ve done. God has this way of working on us as we go through this life, and for that, I am thankful. Still lots of room for improvement, but that’s alright.

Some advice for myself here, which you are welcome to take with you as well: Don’t be afraid of conflict. Don’t be afraid of addressing something that needs to be addressed. Don’t be afraid, period! God is with you, and when you show His love to others, even conflict can be a part of a good situation. Love people like God does, and you can’t go wrong! Oh, and don’t forget to pray.

Hey, look, I made it through a post about conflict, and I don’t even feel conflicted about it. Thanks, God!

Have a great day!