FCC Regulations

According to the Federal Communications Commission


Public broadcasters may air announcements that “identify” for-profit entities, their products, services and facilities.  The identification may include the location and telephone number of the business; a “value-neutral” description of a product line, service brand or trade name, and logos and product or service listing which do not contain qualitative or comparative language.

The Commission has identified four types of prohibited promotional announcements.

1.Announcements containing price information.

These include any announcement concerning the rate of interest or other indication of saving or value associated with a product. 

Ex: “7.7% interest available now!”

2.Announcements containing a call to action.

Ex: “Stop by our showroom to see a model.”

3.Announcements containing an to buy, sell, rent, or lease.

Ex: “Special gift for the first 50 visitors.”

4.Announcements containing comparative or qualitative language.

Ex: “The finest in Chrysler and Plymouth cars.”