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Get to know Rick: Christmas Edition

Rick in front of Brick wall

It’s time to get to know Rick, from Afternoons (3p – 6p)! Christmas edition.

What are your favorite Christmas movies? It’s gotta be Elf and Christmas Vacation for me! Two of the best!

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you love? We started doing a family gift exchange a few years ago with our kids. Instead of all the gifts just being under the tree on Christmas morning, we all draw names to see who we’ll get gifts for. Then we’ll make a day of dividing up and going shopping for the gifts including lunch together.  

When is it truly Christmas for you? Being responsible for the music on the station, Christmas really starts in October for me. That’s when I’ll start listening to Christmas music to see what new music we might play during the Christmas season. But I don’t know that it’s truly Christmas for me until after the last work day before Christmas.

What is your favorite part of the Christmas season? The family gift exchange I mentioned above. I’ve really been blown away to see how much our kids have really enjoyed getting gifts for each other (or for mom or dad if they draw our names). The day we all go out shopping together has really turned into a special part of our Christmas season.  

What is your favorite part of the Christmas story? My favorite part is that Jesus came as one of us. Instead of coming down as God, He humbled Himself and came as a baby and lived life just like all of us have had to do. Knowing what He would ultimately have to do to save us all and still choosing to do it makes the best gift ever! 

If you ever want to reach out to Rick, you can catch him best via email.