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A candle in the foreground with sparkling Christmas lights behind it

East Peoria’s Festival of Lights will brighten your Christmas

Picture this: You and your family bundle up in warm winter jackets and grab a toasty cup of hot chocolate. With blankets and hot chocolate in hand, you trek to…

Stone angel

The Unfolding – Page 111 – Angel Stories (Part 1)

Psalm 91:11 says, “He has put his angels in charge of you. They will watch over you wherever you go.” Do people still encounter angels today? In this special, annual…

Jesus written in sand at sunset

Who is Jesus? The Case for Christ

Who is Jesus? So, you’ve asked the question “Who is Jesus?” Great! You’re at the right place to start getting the answers you are looking for. You can ask any…


Behind Our Smiles – Episode 10 – What’s Wrong With You?

Joe and I both get annoyed with each other. We both have personal habits that we find highly frustrating. And really, I try not to nag him about those things.…

John Karakian

The Unfolding – Page 45 (From the archive) – John Karakian

John Karakian has never really thought of himself as an evangelist. He’s just a guy who really loves his dog, and his neighbors. John and Buddy met thousands of people…

Man crying into arms sitting at christmas tree

Behind Our Smiles Podcast – Episode 9 – Why Don’t You Like Christmas?

Do difficult experiences in your past make it hard for you to truly enjoy the Christmas season? Or maybe you’re struggling this Christmas but don’t want to bring down the…


When Christmas is Complicated

When Christmas is Complicated by Tara Buchanan   As a child, I loved watching my gifts pile up under the tree as Christmas drew nearer. Since my dad worked nights,…

Burlap tag with HOPE written on it in red

WCIC’s Hope Boxes

  Hope Boxes are back! Hope is free. Hope is welcomed. Hope is in abundance this year at WCIC, and we want to pass some on to you! WCIC has…


Behind Our Smiles – Episode 8 – What Do You Want For Christmas?

Finding the perfect gift for your spouse can be tough so this episode we’re here to help. Joe and I share about gift-giving, failed expectations, and some of our favorite…

Man and woman hugging outdoors

The Unfolding – Page 110 – Dmitri & Anya Poliakoff

Growing up in the U.S.S.R., Dmitri and Anya Poliakoff had never heard the story of the Bible. From the time they were young, they had been told there is no…


Behind Our Smiles Podcast – Episode 7 – What Am I Not Seeing?

Do you ever have difficulty seeing? He’s completely blind in one eye, and I’m extremely nearsighted in both eyes so we both understand the concept of blindness on the physical…


The Unfolding – Page 109 – Joe and Tara Buchanan

We often come into marriage with both baggage and expectations. When your spouse’s baggage is harder than you expected, how do you navigate that? Joe and Tara Buchanan came into…