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woman behind microphone smiling

Page 67 – Lauren Banik

Lauren Banik had grown up with broken relationships, particularly with the men in her life. Without even realizing it, she was searching for something that would make her feel loved,…

A couple posing outdoors

Page 66 – Sameed Osman

  Growing up in Saudi Arabia, Sameed Osman studied Islam and trained to be a defender of the faith.  The only thing that matched his passion for Islam, was his…


Page 65 – Dick & Lou Hohulin

  Every day we are bombarded with messages about what we need in order to be happy. Dick and Lou Hohulin pursued none of that. They moved to a remote…

African American woman smiling in green shirt

Page 64 – Kim Cash Tate

  Kim Cash Tate was a woman driven by her goals. After her parents divorced, she grew up focusing on getting a good job and making a whole lot of…

Man smiling in glasses

Page 63 – John Reimer

  In the blink of an eye, life can change. A lightning strike lasts only a fraction of a second, but that was long enough to change John Reimer’s life.…

Man sitting by microphone

Page 62 – Brant Hansen

Brant Hansen’s early years seemed perfectly designed to create a skeptic. Growing up in church, he was exposed to some hard things and he learned that what is presented from…


Making Your Marriage Last

Making Your Marriage Last   Have you noticed that things don’t last these days? Like the older generation might tell you, they just don’t make stuff like they used to.…

Picture of Tammy Trent

Page 61 – Tammy Trent

It’s easy to trust the hand of God when your life is going well. It’s another thing to trust Him when everything is shaken to the core. When Tammy Trent’s…

Sidewalk Prophtets' "The Chosen Tour" poster

Sidewalk Prophets’ Virtual Tour

You can enjoy a high-quality concert from the comfiest seat in your home! WCIC presents Sidewalk Prophets’ “The Chosen Tour” on Friday, November 20 at 7 pm. This concert has…

stethoscope lying on a table with a red heart propped against a wall behind it

Is That Contagious?

Is That Contagious? When we look back at 2020 and all the weirdness we’ve had to endure, do you ever wonder how our kids will reflect on this year? What…

Woman standing in field with arms raised

Fall Fundraiser Update

God is Faithful! WCIC Fall Fundraiser I think by now we’re all tired of hearing about the unprecedented times we’re living in. I get it. The world feels so different…

Silhouette of an arguing couple in front of a window

Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

Don’t Tell Me What To Do!   Who likes to be told what to do? Even though I love and highly respect my husband, too often I bristle when Joe…