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Stories of Hope

God does great things in our lives

... even in the midst of really hard things.

Had Never Listened to Christian Radio Station

I stepped out in faith when I started listening to WCIC. I had just gone through a divorce which was very shocking for me. I was Christian, but I had never listened to Christian radio stations very much. I was like, “Well, I’ll listen to them for a while and just see where it gets…


Stress Reliever

I’ve been listening for quite a few years. I couldn’t even tell you how many now, but it is just kind of a stress reliever. It puts my mind in a whole better place of not being stressed out in the morning before I even walk into work. And I’ve also got a good friend…


Special Needs Daughter Loves Music

My 13-year-old daughter Laura has special needs and she’s non-verbal, but one thing she absolutely loves is music. Just over the past few weeks she’s started finding her way into our bedroom, and she will stand right in front of our radio until we turn it on. (If we’re not in there fast enough to…


Back Pain

I had to go in for pain injections in my back, and when I got in the car Lauren Daigle’s song “Trust in You” was on. I turned the radio off so that would be the last thing I heard. During the proceedure, I had no anxiety. They said that was one of my best…


Grounded from Everything but Headphones

We’ve had some struggles with our 10-year-old. He has some behavioral issues. It’s a constant battle with him about what’s right and what’s wrong.  Being less impulsive. Doing the right thing. And he was grounded off all his electronics. The only thing he could have was his radio headphones, and he chose to listen to the…


Daughter Passed Away Two Years Ago

Right now my heart is just breaking in about a thousand different ways. My daughter who was fighting brain cancer passed away just two years ago. Then my brother died roughly this time last year. There’s always been an incredible amount of message in the music, and the words are powerful. Reconnecting with that and…