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Stories of Hope

God does great things in our lives

... even in the midst of really hard things.

Nicole in Springfield

Nicole struggled with heroin addiction for six years, doing things she wasn’t proud of to support the habit she and her ex-husband shared. “I was homeless, helpless, and on the last string of losing my daughter.” She hit rock bottom and entered rehab for the fifth time in March of 2016. But now she can see…


Matt in Metamora

“My wife’s father has been struggling since October from serious health problems. He was recovering, but now there is just one setback after another. Through all this, I still see God working in my wife’s life. She has had so much stress, but she handles everything with such grace and gives all the glory to God.…


Jacklyn in Sherman

I found myself at a crossroads in life. My husband of 10 years no longer wanted to be married. I was lost, confused, and angry at God. He knew how hard I was fighting for my family to stay together. How could He let my marriage fall apart? I lost myself and knew that without God I…


Barbara in Illiopolis

I was bullied in school to the point that at 16, I was tired of life. I was so low that I thought of several ways to commit suicide. One of those ways was going off a bridge into the river. It was a particularly low spot. Then I was taking my brother to an…



I came out of a 23+ year marriage that was very, very abusive. I didn’t know what to do or how to get out. One of the first songs that gave me strength was “Fear is a Liar.” When you’re that vulnerable, you want to go back. Every song you play feeds me and gets…



I just heard “Love Lifting Me” for the first time. Thank you! My mother-in-law suddenly passed away last night, and I really needed that song. I know my mother-in-law is with Jesus, and I am thrilled for that even though we are gonna miss her. I hear stories about “the right song at the perfect…