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Ifeoma Daniela

My name is Ifeoma Daniela, I go by my middle name ‘Daniela’ only because it is easier to pronounce. I have two girls, 6 and 7. I am originally from Nigeria, a country in Africa. I came into the United States August of 2010 to complete a masters degree in information technology at Central Michigan University. I graduated in May of 2012 and worked as a student trainee software developer in a pharmaceutical company for a year until I met my husband, who lived in Decatur, Illinois at that time.

We got married in April of 2013 so, I was looking into relocating to join him, as the commute was a hassle. What are the odds that I married a person from my country thousands of miles away from our country and had never met before. Funny how you have things planned but life changes all of it. The plan was to study and go back home but, family and life happened to keep me here in the United States.

Sometimes when I think of the challenges I went through I get goose bumps all over! From losing a job, losing a child, not being able to work for years due to the ‘system’, almost losing my marriage, health challenges with children etc. Just endless from every corner. Made me stronger 💪. Who would have thought that for every challenge I had, God somehow helped in birthing new business ideas (Auto company), new career path (nursing), new retirement/vacation home 🏡 basically a new mindset.

You see the Aha! Moments in all my life journey were due to me ‘DARING TO BE DIFFERENT’. I have never been so humbled to work as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) with a Masters degree. The learning process at that point was priceless! That was the backbone in bringing me to where I am today. The moment when I realized that the bigger the challenges the bigger the reward. I saw life in a totally different way.

To the person that feels like the whole world is coming down on you please be encouraged with my story I started my life all over again and NEVER gave up! Keep fighting! Keep pushing!

I ask that you pray for me for strength with every of life challenges that are ahead. Thank you 🙏
#daretobedifferent #ToGodBeTheGlory #Iamjustgettingstarted #ItsAllAboutJesus


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